Will I ever get out of the Fog?

I thought i was going to die. A warm wetness was starting to trickle down from my freshly shaven head. Blood. She was swinging blows to my cranium with murderous intent. The room was filled with her hateful rage. I actually wished she was using her fists like she always did. For some reason she chose the iron box this night. Strangely, my immediate concern was not to wake up my neighbor. My co-worker had moved to the house next door. Who knows what rumors he was going to spread at work the next morning.

Young. Stupid. In love. A misfortune that began twelve years earlier. I was fresh out of high school. She on the other hand was going into the third year of her high school career. We had our fleeting moments. Too many fights, break-ups and make-ups in between. Red flag I chose to ignore. And now we were living together. Admittedly, I deserved everything that happened that night. You see twelve years earlier I had promised not to talk to any other woman. Too many times I was guilty of emotional infidelity. Only this time round it had gone a bit further.

One month later my employment contract had come to an end. With a half-truths and exaggerated lies mentioned to my boss, my wife had ensured that I was not going to get my contract renewed. My savings were nothing to write home about. Partly due to the fact that i had withdrawn a sizable chunk to help her grow a business she had started to support our young family. Yet she was demanding an impossible sum in monthly child support.

I have never been a social person. Never one to share my problems openly with ease. At one point I self-diagnosed with Schizoid Personality Disorder (SPD). Often, I imagine my family thinks am nuts. A label that will be bestowed upon you for any tendencies toward a mental illness. Despite having a made numerous job applications, I remain without work. I have now moved back in to my parents house. I lost a bit of borrowed cash when I developed a gambling problem. Now I just feel like a zombie. I have lost my will to live. Does this ever come to an end?

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