Worse Goes To Worst As Hotels In Kenya Gets Urged To Admit Covid-19 Patients

Over the increasing rate of Covid-19 infection rate, government has tried to figure out what the solution to this menace can be. Most of Kenyans are at risk of contracting this disease as the hospitals (hospitals with required facilities and Intensive Care Unit) are few compared to the increasing number of infections.Following today's report from the ministry of health, over 1000 patients were diagnosed with Covid-19 thus much has to be done to mitigate this increasing number of infections.The county assemblies of Nandi, Uasin Gishu and Nakuru has been closed for the fear that the disease may spread further when the members of these houses are in contact most of time. It's clear that home-based care for Covid-19 patients is not becoming very effective as the facilities required for this action are insufficient.Thus the government has to seek and alternative way to admit these patients as they recover from this disease.The source has indicated an urge by the concerned parties to turn hotels into a place where the Covid-19 patients can be admitted.


With this taking place, the Covid-19 is likely to be combated to some level but what about the economic side of life? How shall the government be at a position to generate revenue for provision of essential services to it's citizens?

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