YOU and YOUR other SOUL

Is it worth it if we are going to die in the end? We all know that life here is not eternal but we strive to live it. The slightest upset in our reality we do almost anything to put it right. What is the purpose of it All? Life is a Love Story, a story of a Soul (your soul) on a journey searching for Love. It is all about YOU and YOUR other SOUL .We spend our entire lives searching for that perfect one; to spend our entire lives in loving the other Soul unconditionally. It is all about LOVE. Finding your soul mate, nothing else - nothing much. Until you find that ONE Love, the one you seek in this life. You (the soul) on this journey will travel from life to life time searching for your other half of your Soul. Man has endeavourer on pursuits that are useless, not knowing the deep seated reason behind their egotistical needs. We live our lives searching for power, wealth, fame and fortune, not realizing that what we need is LOVE. God is Light and Love. And you have been lied to by those who are still asleep about God and you. These are souls that are misled to believe to be complete “You need God”. NO, it is not true “you need your other soul”. You don’t need God to be complete and He also doesn’t want you to need Him to be complete. God wants you to be YOU with YOUR other soul – to be complete. You are a soul on a journey to find your other half. Your life is a Love story and you are playing the part of a Lover looking for his or her Lover. Adam and Eve, Romeo and Juliet these are stories written for you and I, so that we know how to find our other souls. Your Life has nothing to do with the other purposes we find ourselves in. The purpose of it all is your Love story, you and your other soul. These other things are only there to trap us into karmic debts, which delay us in our journey towards our other souls. Find the other soul, your Love and you stop the cycle of reincarnation. The cycle of continues death. Great Avatars like Jesus incarnated to show us the way, the truth and the life but, because most of us are in karmic debt. These great souls first have to pay for our debts, liberate us, unchain us, heal us and set us back on the right path. So that we can move freely from incarnation to incarnation until we find our Soul mates, the other Soul. Don’t miss the chance to return to your innocence and reunite with yourself. This is your Love story. It is YOU and YOUR other SOUL.

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