2023 :Peter Obi Leads the Race to become Nigeria President with 72% , Poll Shows

According to the results of a recent survey, Peter Obi received a score of 72% among those who have already made up their minds how to vote

The responses indicated that an overwhelming majority of people want to vote for Peter Obi, who served as governor of the state before. The elections are due to take place in February. The findings of the study, which was carried out by Premise Data Corp. on behalf of Bloomberg News, were revealed on Wednesday, the same day that the formal campaign to successor President Muhammadu Buhari began.

Poll indicates that Obi is the most popular candidate.

The candidates of the two parties that have controlled Nigeria since the country's democracy was restored in 1999 performed far worse in these elections. Bola Tinubu, a member of the governing All Progressives Congress, received 16% of the votes cast by voters who had already made up their minds and 23% of the votes cast by voters who had not yet made up their minds. Atiku Abubakar, candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party, which is the biggest opposition party, received 9% and 17% of the vote, respectively.

The data corporation with headquarters in San Francisco conducted a study among 3,973 Nigerians between September 5 and September 20. Participants in the survey conducted via a mobile application were chosen based on age, gender, and geographical criteria defined for each of the country's six geopolitical zones. After then, the results were weighted against the quotas that were established at the beginning to ensure that there was enough national representation. According to the Alliance for Affordable Internet, over 44 percent of people in Nigeria possess cellphones.



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