5 Habits That are Reducing the Lifespan of Your Phone

On average, every smartphone has a lifespan of 4.7 years before it starts to malfunction. However, most don't last half their lifetime due to the way we handle them. The funny thing is we might not even be conscious these habits are cutting down are phone lifespan one day at a time.

Here are five of such habits we should avoid if we want our smartphones to last:

5 Damaging Habits That are Reducing the Lifespan of Your Phone

1. Overcharging

Due to the fact electricity is not always constant, most people have developed the habit of charging their phones every chance they get. Some even plug and leave it to charge overnight.

The danger of overcharging your phone is that each overcharge weakens the phone battery and soon, you will have a phone with a battery that lasts just a few minutes, which can be quite frustrating.

2. Charging with a Laptop

Using a laptop to charge your phone might be convenient, especially if you need it to be within arms reach. However, research has found that doing so is bad for your phone battery.

When you charge your phone with a phone charger, it charges at the ideal rate (especially if you use a charger that's the same brand as your phone) as against when you charge with a laptop. Research has found that the voltage from a laptop is way lower than that from a phone, which can be bad for the phone. While charging your phone once or twice with a laptop will do no harm, doing so consistently will continue to weaken your phone battery until it becomes completely weakened and useless.

3. Allowing your Phone Overheat

Allowing your smartphone overheat is another common mistake we unconsciously do that damages our smartphones.

A lot of people are addicted to their phones and have a number on apps downloaded; there are apps for just about every habit and action there is and they can be addictive.

Because we are constantly using our phones to make calls, text, chat or browse this makes our phones overheat and even so we still find it hard to put it down.

The danger of our phones constantly overheating is that overtime, it damages the phone hardware and reduces the battery life which in turn reduces the lifespan of the phone.

4. Exposing It to Extreme Temperatures

Our phones are also constantly exposed to extreme temperatures. Most of us take it along with us to the kitchen, which can sometimes have a slightly higher than normal temperature, or we keep it on our persons when it rains. Even though smartphones have been built to withstand such extreme temperature, constant exposure will wear the phone out overtime.

5. Constantly Dropping Your Phone

I don't think anyone intentionally drops their smartphone, however, even a simple mistake, done several times will cause our phones to malfunction.

While we can make use of phone pouches and cases to reduce the impact of this damage, dropping it still does some form of damage that all adds up, the more the phone continues to fall.

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