5 student life secrets each student must know 2020 edition

Did you give exams in the pandemic situation (oh that sounds brave)?

If so then you might be waiting or just got your result recently.

Due to this pandemic almost all the exams got postponed or canceled. Thus governments had to take exams lately. Yet this pandemic situation could not stop exams.

Now it’s really a critical situation for any student. Where some college students are still waiting for the final decision on their exams (yes you can include me).

You have got your board result, right? So what next? No! Don’t take me like that annoying relative of yours (But it’s really an important question)

Although I leave the answer to this question up to you. But before taking any step let me tell you something important you must know.

Whether you are a school or university student, these secrets (guides) will surely help you along with your student journey.

1. Give time to art

Art is the best way to express what you think (and how you feel) but it’s even the best way to increase your brainpower.

Yes, creative things are always better than remembering academic dates. Because when you create something you have to enlarge your imagination power.

The knowledge that you have in your brain is mostly related to past events, history, experiences, and theory but imagination lets you discover the future.

Something that is beyond present reality but is not a lie (because you can only visualize things that has possibility to exist).

When you are visualizing your brain gets extra workshop because it has to go beyond norms and patterns and have to create new patterns.

“You can take it like your knowledge is a past and imagination is future.”

So one who can imagine can create the future and is able to discover. Whatever artistic thing you like (even science is a kind of art) just give it some time from your day.

Because your type of art will reveal your personality and abilities. An artistic/creative hour once (or twice) a day is enough to power up your brain in a way you don’t get bored.

2. Don’t be an illiterate topper

Are you the topper of your class, like someone who gets marks more than everyone in the class? Then it’s a good point for you because it tells you that you are a hardworking person.

But is that enough? Can you really call yourself a literate person (or student)?

If you think being educated means becoming a topper and just remembering the whole of your syllabus, then you should rethink it?

Well, you might hear in the modern world from rich people that “your marks are not everything and financial education is the real education (and that’s true).”

But there is more than this. To be called a really educated and literate person there are more things to know.

First, your syllabus books are not the whole knowledge. So for this start reading boos beside these topics, whether it’s one book per month or per day (tip: you can start with comics too).

Second, follow some social media profiles that share facts and tip knowledge on a particular topic every day (choose a meaningful topic) because little things every day is better.

Third, learn self-care and improve your mental wellbeing as you improve your academic knowledge. The first step toward being educated is understanding the type of education. For this look for this let’s move on to the third guide.

3. Get real education

The new concept of education is not limited to your marks, it has a variety. Mainly there are 4 heads for being educated –

1). Self-literation 2). Academic knowledge 3). Professional skills 4). Financial literacy

(How many you have heard?)

Okay start with the first head, self-literation is important in the modern world. And the evidence is crises of lockdown period and increased cases of mental issues.

The lockdown period made people realize to be independent (aatmnirbhar) at least for their personal works. And caring for your mental wellbeing. Know yourself and analyze your skills to have a better carrier and life. Second is academic knowledge, mean soft skills, and awareness of surroundings. Be always update with areas you are interested in, have soft skills like – public speaking, writing resume and letters, etc.

The third is a professional skill, a big skill that you can use to earn money like – your degree or diploma, sales and marketing, driving, etc.

And fourth sure whatever rich person talks about financial education. To know how to earn, save, invest, starting a business are some crucial learning for every nation and every person in the world.

(And don’t forget your manners and common sense, they are additional).

4. Study when you need to

“Tomorrow is my test but I can’t concentrate! I have to learn this chapter but I can’t focus!” Do you always get this dilemma? It’s because you try to concentrate on the study when you should never. Whether a topper or the average one (in marks), every student gets this once in a while. And the only solution is to study when you can and when you are ready.

Now if you are thinking you are never ready, then some tips can help you to be ready.

If you feel you can learn better in the night, do it; if you feel you learn best when you are in a group then do it; if you feel you remember video information faster, then do this; if you feel you only can remember things learned just before the exam, then do this.

Don’t unnecessarily push yourself for learning and remembering because the brain doesn’t like to be forced. It works better when it’s free, relaxed in fact it learns experienced things faster.

5. Don’t forget your playtime

Remember a time in childhood when you used to beg for your playtime and PTE period was one of your favourites. Do you still get excited about playing? Maybe not! Why? Is that because you have grown up (don’t make CORONA an excuse).

If you are not able to go out and play a sport then play an indoor sport. Like – badminton, fun football completion, or anything full of energy. That consumes your energy but gives you excitement.

All the real mean is never loose being physically active, whether you are preparing for college entrance exam, government job, NEET, JEE, or any big competition.

It’s not just important for your body but mind too. it will also improve your productivity to learn much better. So these were some of the mainly considered things as a student. Student life is not all about making a carrier but making your personality too.

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