Food for thought: Global interconnectivity and the Daniel T. arap Moi presidency in Kenya


Food for thought: The interconnectivity since the beginning of time of all Human Beings and of all corners of the world and undue criticism of the Daniel T. arap Moi presidency in Kenya of 1978 to 2002. See both postings below i.e.


There has been interconnectivity between all corners of the world since the beginning of time. Ask yourself what Jews were doing in Egypt at the very beginning of time i.e. the Book of Exodus in the Holy Scriptures. In our own particular case here in Kenya, we have a coastline at the Kenyan coast that extends from Kwale, to Mombasa, to Kilifi, to Lamu. All of Kenya's different ethnic communities migrated to Kenya over the last 3,000 to 4,000 years, pretty much, because some schools of thought even say that the Kiswahili language is 4,000 years old. We are in the year 2020. The year 2020 minus 4,000 years equals the year 1980 B.C., 1980 Before Christ.


Many of our ancestors from around those times who lived in the deep interior of Kenya, far away from the Kenyan coastline i.e. around 1980 B.C., 1980 Before Christ, had no doubt, through word-of-mouth, heard about the Kenyan coastline and how it had these things called ships that took you to faraway lands where there were "greener pastures," and quite a number of our outgoing ancestors, must have made the long trek to the Kenyan Coast.


For example, and for the purposes of illustration, there is a grouping of young men and boys from Kenya's deep interior who make a long trek over three months to the Kenyan coastline in e.g. 1978 B.C., 1978 Before Christ, work there for three years until 1975 B.C., 1975 Before Christ i.e. coastlines have always been cosmopolitan and "modernised," pretty much, save up enough money, and pay for their ship fare to "greener pastures" where they start new lives, where they sire descendants with those they find in the "new lands," and where they live happily ever after with their wives and children. Same with Kenyan ladies of those times who chose to join such treks to the Kenyan coastline.


And here we are continuing to think to this day that the likes of Jomo Kenyatta were the first to travel overseas.


The Daniel T. arap Moi presidency in Kenya of 1978 to 2002:


Daniel T. arap Moi of Kenya and his presidency of 1978 to 2002, continue to be portrayed and described as this "awful and horrible antithesis," but is this assessment, among others, really fair or accurate, or is it a blown out of proportion assessment?


For example, claims & allegations continue to made about the "impotency" of certain individuals today in Kenya owing to Daniel T. arap Moi's "Special Branch" i.e. the Directorate of Security Intelligence (DSI). This may or may not be true, but even then, and in all fairness, we should equally question the following:


1. How many people in Kenya became "impotent" because of Jomo Kenyatta's "Special Branch?"


2. How many people are "impotent" in Iraq and Afghanistan, because of the "Special Branches" of George W. Bush, Barack Obama & Donald J. Trump?


3. How many Americans in America became "impotent" because of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) of J. Edgar Hoover?


4. How many South Africans are "impotent" because of the "Special Branches" of Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki, Kgalema Motlanthe, Jacob Zuma and Cyril Ramaphosa?


5. How many Americans are "impotent" in America because of Ronald Reagan's "Special Branch?"


6. How many Tanzanians are "impotent" because of Julius Nyerere's "Special Branch?"


7. How many Indians in India are "impotent" because of Indira Gandhi's "Special Branch?"


8. How many Brits r "impotent" because of Margaret Thatcher's "Special Branch?"


9. How many Libyans are "impotent" because of Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi's "Special Branch?"


The list goes on and on, because there is a "Special Branch" in every corner of this world. It's called "The System."


The "Special Branch" of Judea also quite likely "squeezed" the testicles of Jesus of Nazareth when they were interrogating him i.e. before his execution, it's just that some happenings, out of politeness, are edited out of the Holy Scriptures.


For example again, on a related note, how many times at the beginning of time, did Adam approach Eve for sex and she told him no, "F Off, you're bugging me, I'm not in the mood, you're a pervert, you only think of sex, I'm not a sex object, go F yourself, or even, go F your mother?"



Such happenings, are understandably omitted from the Holy Scriptures, just like what is mentioned above about the interrogation of Jesus of Nazareth.


So are we justified in continuing to single out the Daniel T. arap Moi era in Kenya, and only the Daniel T. arap Moi era, of 1978 to 2002?


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