Land ownership in Kenya and other intrigues:

Land ownership in Kenya and other intrigues:
 by Mundia Kamau
Amongst the biggest landowners in Kenya are Andrew Cole, a White Kenyan, 7th Earl of Enniskillen and one time Chairman of Kenya Airways i.e. the current Lord Enniskillen, The Rt. Hon. Hugh George Cholmondeley, also a White Kenyan, 5th Baron Delamere, Soysambu, Kenya i.e. the current Lord Delamere, and Kenya's Kenyatta family, who's current "de facto" head is His Excellency Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, Chief of the Golden Heart (CGH), current President of Kenya, who is technically the current "Lord Kenyatta" given the high aristocratic type stature, wealth and large land holdings of the Kenyatta family in Kenya. As mentioned, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is the current "de facto" head of the Kenyatta family, though the actual "de jure" head of the Kenyatta family in Kenya remains Uhuru Kenyatta's mother Mama Ngina Kenyatta, a shrewd lady who still continues to e.g. merchandise plots of land sub-divided from what were initially large tracts of land owned by the Kenyatta family in e.g., Kasarani, Nairobi, Kenya. In the Nairobi and peri-urban Nairobi of the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s, you would have been regarded as "mad" acquiring land in places like Ongata Rongai, Kiserian, Ngong, Kasarani, Kahawa, Githurai, Kitengela and Syokimau, and today in the year 2020, there are many, including Mama Ngina Kenyatta, who still continue to benefit from that "madness" of the 1960s, the 1970s and early 1980s. Borrowing from this, maybe many of us now in the year 2020, should also become "mad" and start acquiring pieces of land in areas that many of us do not give a 2nd thought e.g. land on the Nairobi - Namanga Road towards Lake Magadi, and even further down south towards Namanga on the Kenya - Tanzania border, because it looks like Nairobi could extend as far as the Kenya - Tanzania border in the next 35 to 40 years.
The Delameres currently own about 70,000 acres of land in Soysambu, Kenya, the Enniskillens also currently own about 70,000 acres of land, not far from the Delameres, and according to an article published in the year 2002 by the now defunct newspaper “Expression Today”, both in hard copy and in soft copy on their now equally defunct website, the combined acreage of the land owned in Kenya by the Kenyatta Family as at 2002, was reported as below verbatim, by "Expression Today" back in 2002:
“The land owned by the Kenyatta family includes Taita Taveta Farm (74,000 acres), Kahawa Sukari Farm (29,000 acres), Gatundu Farm, Thika Farm, Brookside Farm, Muthaita Farm, Green Lee Estate, Njagu Farm in Juja, Kasarani Farm (9,000 acres), Nakuru Farm in Rongai near Moi’s Home, a quarry in Dandora, Naivasha Ranch and several farms in Nairobi. Government sources say that KPLC (the Kenya Power and Lighting Company) is currently under pressure to buy the family’s Karen Farm at KShs. 350 million to add to Uhuru’s campaign kitty. The combined acreage of all the land owned by the Kenyatta family is equal to Nyanza province, sources at the Lands Ministry say.”
The Craig family of Kenya, who are close to the British Royal Family, are also other prominent land owners in Kenya, said to own ranches in Laikipia and Nanyuki, and where members of the British Royal Family spend nights & weekends when they are in Kenya i.e. Craig family ranches in Laikipia and Nanyuki.
And it's not just the Delameres, the Enniskillens, the Kenyattas and the Craigs, who are large landowners in Kenya, because there are several wealthy Whites in Kenya, of British, European or American descent, who own large ranches/huge parcels of land in Kenya.
For instance, it is also possible that Information and Communications (ICT) legend and Microsoft Computers Founder Bill Gates owns a ranch or two in Kenya, because Bill Gates is said to love Kenya, and is also said to make several private incognito visits to Kenya. Paul Allen, one time Microsoft Chief Executive Officer (CEO) under Bill Gates, also loves it here in Kenya and appears to own a property at the Kenyan coast i.e. Paul Allen’s private luxury yatch was sighted at the Kenyan coast in 2008.
Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi also owns a resort (very likely more than one), in Malindi at Kenya’s Coast, and is a frequent visitor to Kenya. Flavio Briatore, another Italian billionaire and Formula I team owner, also has properties in Malindi, and like Berlusconi, is a frequent visitor to Kenya.
The British and Americans were smart i.e. they laid their groundwork early i.e. sealing "land treaties" early, when we Native Blacks were still saying the "prayers & rosaries," with eyes closed, that the Missionaries taught us when they first landed in East Africa.
For example, Commissioner (Sir) Arthur Hardinge, on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, meets Laibon Lenana at Ngong in the year 1898. Hardinge and Lenana sign "deals and land treaties," a "Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)" if you will. What were the contents of the MOU, and where is the original MOU? The MOU must be in a "bomb proof" safe in a secret location in the world.
Maybe we will see the Hardinge - Laibon Lenana MOU one day, and see an impression of Laibon Lenana's thumbprint, and if not us, our descendants.
Before Sir Arthur Hardinge and Laibon Lenana met in 1898, Frederick Lugard, on behalf of the Imperial British East Africa Company (IBEA), met with Chief Waiyaki wa Hinga, where a similar MOU was sealed. The Imperial British East Africa Company (IBEA), was actually just a front for the British Crown i.e. Frederick Lugard effectively, was representing Her Majesty Queen Victoria, and not the Imperial British East Africa Company (IBEA).
After Lugard & Hardinge, then immediate former US President Col. Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt is in Kenya on a nine month safari in 1909, yes nine months. Teddy Roosevelt was a prospector, a businessman and a speculator, who once moved from one end of the United States to the other i.e. New York to California, i.e. the US east coast to the US west coast. Teddy Roosevelt, at the time, had joined the "gold rush" bandwagon to California, in search of "greener pastures in the new lands in Western America."
Col. Roosevelt had experience with "new lands" and how to acquire holdings in "new lands." And who was it that were dispossessed of their lands in Western America by the likes of Col. Roosevelt...? Native American Indians.
So when Col. Roosevelt was in Kenya for nine months in 1909, it is doubtful his only interest was to visit "Masai Mara National Park, Tsavo National Park & Amboseli National Park."
Mind you Col. Roosevelt did not come to Kenya alone in 1909, he came with "a high powered American delegation," comprising seasoned operatives/businessmen.
Col. Roosevelt and his entourage did however visit the American missionaries at Kijabe, who are still there to this day and who still run the likes of the famous Kijabe Mission Hospital and the equally famous Rift Valley Academy (RVA), and while at Kijabe, Col. Roosevelt must have emphasised to the American missionaries to continue teaching us to close our eyes as we "prayed" i.e. the saying that the White man came to Africa with the Bible in one hand, and a gun in the other, which actually aptly fits Col. Roosevelt i.e. he was a former Colonel in the US Army. Mind you, three different generations of Roosevelts have visited Kenya after 1909, the most recent publicised Roosevelt visit being in 1994 i.e. it appears that the Roosevelt's have interests in Kenya dating back to Col. Roosevelt's famous nine month safari of 1909.
Enter Jomo Kenyatta on 12th December 1963, and it is hard not to see that Jomo Kenyatta continued from where Frederick Lugard, Sir Arthur Hardinge, Col. Teddy Roosevelt, the initial Delameres, the initial Enniskillens and the initial Craigs left off, and mind you, Jomo Kenyatta must have been "coached & trained" on the tactics employed by Frederick Lugard, Sir Arthur Hardinge, Col. Teddy Roosevelt, the initial Delameres, the initial Enniskillens, the initial Craigs and quite a number of others.
Additionally, the British Royal Family, a cross section of British aristocrats aside from the British Royal Family, and a small clique of wealthy Americans who Col. Roosevelt clearly paved the way for, are said to own massive land holdings all across Kenya, including Northern Kenya, Rusinga Island, and the Kenyan coast, that far surpass the combined land holdings of the Delameres, the Enniskillens, the Craigs, the Kenyattas, the Mois, the Kibakis and others i.e. the Delameres, the Enniskillens, the Kenyattas and the Craig's are just four members of a much larger tribe of big land owners in Kenya.
And the British Army Base in Nanyuki...? The British Army Base in Nanyuki appears to be a front i.e. a standby "Police Station" for wealthy land owners in Kenya, to guard against forced land invasions/confiscations, like those that happened in Zimbabwe in the year 2000.
At the height of invasions on White owned ranches in Nanyuki and Laikipia in 2018 i.e. when local Kenyan herders, during the drought of 2018, forced their way onto ranches in Laikipia and Nanyuki that had water reservoirs and pasture, then British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson i.e. the current British Prime Minister, briefly visited Kenya, briefly met President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House Nairobi, and then flew to the British Army Base in Nanyuki.
Johnson's brief 2018 visit to Kenya was largely kept quiet by local Kenyan media and international media, but it is hard not to make a connection between Johnson's brief visit to Kenya in 2018, the invasions on ranches in Laikipia and Nanyuki at the time, and Johnson's visit to the British Army Base in Nanyuki.
Amongst the few photographs, was one of Johnson in very dusty shoes, and his semi-dusty suit, meaning that Johnson must have taken a good walk around some of the affected ranches. Boris Johnson was clearly here on a working tour of duty, not a working holiday.
Additionally, and to check on their interests here in Kenya, Anglo-Saxons/Caucasians/the British/the Americans/Europeans/Whites/"Mzungus"/Orientals/Israelis/Slavs/Russians and other nationalities, have all manner of "fronts" here in Kenya. For example many of these so called Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and many of the so called Missionaries/Church Organisations situated in all corners of Kenya, including the most remote corners of Kenya, are actually undercover intelligence organisations with undercover intelligence personnel, which is why the Occident and the Orient has first hand information of what goes on in Kenya, a good example being the Post Election Violence of the years 2007 and 2008.
Where did first hand information and intelligence on the Post Election Violence of 2007 and 2008 come from? It was not from Kenyan Intelligence, it was from the many NGOs and Missionaries/Church Organisations across Kenya i.e. "In the name of the father, of the son, of the holy spirit, and intelligence gathering." Many of these "priests" and "missionaries" are actually agents of e.g. Mossad, MI6, the CIA, and SKG (i.e. what used to be known as the KGB), some of whom have even served with "Special Forces/Special Units" such as "Delta Force" and "Seal Team Six."


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