A call of purpose

The existence and meaning of life are rooted in who we think we are and what we have been created for as well.

We are people who constantly search and enquire for meaning as that is embedded in the depths of our hearts, the search for meaning is a revelation that we believe we don't exist abstractly but there's a purpose for our life.

All men seek acceptance, validation, belonging, and fulfillment without anyone informing another of that but our daily activities are the reflections of that, we are all in pursuit and quest for meaning, which is purposeful living. it's as though there's something we have lost that we need to rediscover and capture again for our lives to be meaningful.

purpose will be intimidating and expose, confront the weakness and fallen nature of man, as it requires from us what most of the time our environments cannot be able to provide.

purpose will expose us to a greater economy than the one which we are familiar with which was created for being of the flesh to be participators of, it will call for us to begin to search for the storehouse of the resources of God.

purpose will require us to believe in something greater than ourselves, it will make us not walk by sight but by faith, it leads us to a state where we can't be the same but are transitioned from glory to glory.

it is in the walk by faith not by sight that we become constantly aligned to the reality of the image we have been given by God in Christ to live out a life that will display that authenticity and reality.

walking in purpose is a confrontation and deconstruction of fallen nature, mentality, and characteristics which we have attained through our Adamic nature as we were affected and influenced by the departure from the creator

The walk in the path which the lord directs, locates, and guides us in, is the walk in the path of ordination which the Lord repurposed in us. The place we are being restored in is a place of authority and power which means we will reveal what we call dominion.

It implies to us that humility is the mean by which we attain grace, in humility we are in agreement with the Lord, that we know nothing and have no definition of ourselves outside of Him, and we acknowledge that we have no reference of ourselves by ourselves neither by any other substance except Him.

This means we repent from the ways and knowledge which we have attained in our walk of life and are choosing to be directed and guided by Him as our source, this also means we are submitting ourselves to God as subjects and objects that He can define and use for His purpose.

We are in a state where we admit that by ourselves without God ways that we have crafted and manufactured to live out life on the Earth have fallen short of fulfilling us, we are surrendering the routes and thinking patterns of our lives as to how much they have failed us.

It is in that state of recognizing how far we are from that which is of God that we can be receptors of the grace which is located within Him and makes up the very being of God, we enter into a place of righteousness (right standing with God).

The original design of our life captured within Him as a source of existence and sustainer of life is also opened up to us through the Lord Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit in the depths of our hearts.

Hence we can only seek for him by nothing else but by the instrument and object of our heart which makes up our being.

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