A Private Medical Clinic Treating People Injured by COVID Vaccine Opens in Italy

An independent medical facility in the city of Lucca, Italy, has just opened its doors with the mission of providing treatment to individuals who have had adverse reactions after receiving experimental COVID-19 vaccinations.

A group of doctors and healthcare professionals who had recently been reinstated to their jobs as a result of the government of newly elected Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's removal of discriminatory legislation that prevented Italians who had not received their vaccinations from working in the healthcare industry opened the clinic.

The clinic was hailed as "helpful" and "welcoming" by an Italian medical rights organisation, but a left-leaning political party from Tuscany has made an effort to get the mayor of Lucca to publicly denounce the clinic's efforts to aid patients who have been injured by the COVID vaccination.

"We feel the mayor ought to take a stand, and separate himself from what is occurring on this front in our city," the local Partito Democratico (Democratic Party) said in a statement.

Even though the party acknowledged that the organisation that founded the clinic did so with the goal of aiding the vaccine-injured and that the organisation also wanted professionals to have rights for freedom of conscience while practising medicine, the remark was nevertheless made.

Since the election of Meloni, Italy has changed its position on COVID limitations. Meloni acknowledged that despite having the "most stringent anti-COVID policies in the whole Western world," Italy was still "among the nations with the largest number of fatalities and infections."

She swore that her administration would never "restrict basic liberties" and that it "would not reproduce that pattern in any manner."


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