Abomination: This Tribe Worships Late Prince Philip As Their God

As disturbing as this could be, it is daunting to believe that a people created by God could not worship Him but rather chose to worship a mere mortal as their own god.

Prince Philip had just passed away recently. He was the Duke of Edinburgh and the husband to Queen Elizabeth II. Prince Philip died a few months to his 100 years anniversary on earth.

But his death is more distraught to the people in the villages of Yaohnanen and Yakel, on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu. In this remote corner of the world, Prince Philip had been worshiped as a living deity for decades.

As the tribespeople's god is no more, they gathered to mourn their late god and consequently sent their condolence messages to the Royal family in England. The condolences which was sent by the local village chief Yapa from Ikunala village reads: “The connection between the people on the Island of Tanna and the English people is very strong. We are sending condolence messages to the royal family and the people of England."

The Tanna people on the Island of vanuatu believed in the old mythical stories that a pale-skinned son of a mighty mountain god once lived on the island. Desiring companionship, the son left Tanna and traveled across the oceans.

The son of the mighty god later found a wealthy woman like a Queen in the foreign land and got married to her. Although he had left for a distant land, Tanna tribespeople eagerly waits for his return in fulfilment of their old prophecies that the son of the mighty mountain god would one day return home.

Prince Philip had no idea that the tribespeople of Tanna worships him as their god until the British Resident Commissioner in the New Hebrides, John Champion, mentioned the cult to him, which they called Prince Philip's Movement.

In recognition to that, John Champion suggested that Prince Philip send an official signed photograph to the tribespeople, presumably along with his best regards, which he did. Elated at what the Duke of Edinburgh did, they responded by sending a nal-nal, a traditional long club used to slaughter pigs to Prince Philip.

In 2000, Prince Philip sent another photograph of him wielding the club at the request of the Tanna tribespeople.

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