ABS-CBN Shutdown: a TORMENT to Many

The news of shutting down ABS-CBN overruns social media. Many netizens were appalled by the sudden void the network has created in their remote clicking routine and some were drastically confounded by the abrupt radio silence. Several others caroused in drunken mayhem to revel in the network’s downfall.

I sat in reserve; couldn’t help but wonder what might become of the employees there: those who feed their families working nights to write scripts, spiels, concept proposals; make-up artists who dedicated their lives to daily routines of brush and palette. How about the journalist who thought he already has found a stable job and decided on a loan; the dancers we see at the sidelines. We see them no more. Should we also celebrate about their condition? Can we still afford to scorn the network on their behalf and say “Boohoo!”?

I couldn’t help but feel devastated why people choose to make hate-posts against the network as if the company went down from their TV screens and slapped them personally in times they were sitting easy on their couch that made them so vexed. I couldn’t understand why they couldn’t see past the network and spend time pondering on what might befall the people whose lives depended on the network’s existence. Whatever mishaps the ABS-CBN made it shall answer to the government; whatever hate-posts you made won’t and couldn’t change whatever might become of the network. Whatever hate-posts you DIDN’T make might have lessened the burdens of the anxious mouths awaiting resolution to this conundrum.


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