Advice for the New guy in the gym.

So Summer break is around the corner and the only shape that you are in is round. I am here to help you find a way to get that dream body that you so utterly desire.

Subscribe for a gym membership near you. This will force you to commit going to the gym since you have to pay the contract for its full term. Don’t be afraid to go alone, everyone had to start somewhere. Most experienced gym athletes do recognize newbies and are more than willing to give a helping hand and some advice. If you can get someone to go with you, even better. I remember when I started to train I was so self-conscious about what people are thinking of me. Everyone inside the gym is there to improve themselves, so no one will judge the overweight guy on the treadmill, because he is there to do something about it.

Start light, start easy. Don’t try to impress everyone around you and hurt yourself in the process. The first few weeks are going to burn like hell because your body is not used to being pushed over its limit. You have to remind yourself that sculpting your dream body is an endurance race not sprint. You will not recognize change easily because you see yourself all the time. The people around you will start noticing that you are starting to look bigger and better. Unfortunately, it takes years of training to develop a strong foundation of muscle to work with. Don’t expect immediate results.

Eat real foods, not processed foods. Real food like rice, pasta, chicken, steak trump protein shakes any day. The ideal time to consume food is in the morning, before and after training, as well as early in the evening (not too late at night). The reason why you should eat in the morning is because your testosterone levels are the highest in the morning, increasing protein synthesis. Eating before gym is so that you have enough energy to burn and after gym because any food will spike your insulin levels, which in turn will increase protein synthesis.

Your body can uptake 50g of protein every 2 hours. So don’t try to jam-pack all your caloric needs into one meal. If you want to add muscle, you should train with a calorie surplus. If you want to burn fat, you should train with a calorie deficit. Calories are made up of 3 components. Protein 1g= 4 calories, Carbs 1g=calories, Fat1g=9 calories. You can use Apps like MyFitnessPal to track your calories and determine how much you need to consume to achieve your desired weight. A common rule of thumb is to consume 1.25 the amount of your bodyweight in KG in protein per day. For example, 70kg=87.5g of protein per day.

When you train, try to split your workouts:

Monday –All Push exercises (Chest+triceps+shoulders)


Wednesday- All pull exercises (Back + Biceps)


Friday-All push exercises


Sunday-All pull exercises.

Do not train the same muscle group within 48 hours, they need to recover. The moment you exercised it , the muscles will stay in an ‘Anabolic State’ for that duration. This means the muscle will not break down for the duration, and you should utilize this period with consuming as much protein as possible. Also do not do the same routine exercises week in and out. You want to stimulate muscle growth and by doing routine exercises, the body adapts to the training and now growth will come from it.


Unfortunately, you wont look as good as you would've hope this December.You will definitely feel much better.If you continuously train you will look great for all the Decembers to come, which aint too bad.Good luck in the Gym!

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