Africans could be resistant to the deadly Coronavirus

Africans genetic makeup could make them resistant to the deadly coronavirus. This suggestion is said to have emerged from a doctor in China who allegedly treated a  Camerononian student infected   with the virus in a hospital in china. Although this report and treatment  have not been  confirmed by WHO, there are detailed studies that suggest Africans and Europeans have genetically different immune systems. In a large-scale study published in the prestigious journal Cell, scientists from the Institute Pasteur and the CNRS unravelled the immune responses of 200 African and European individuals. In their research, they clearly show that there is indeed a difference in the way these populations respond to infection, that this response is largely controlled by genetics, and that natural selection has played an important role in shaping such immune profiles. They also offer proof that the genetic legacy passed on by Neanderthals to Europeans has significantly influenced their ability to respond to viral challenges.

Although there are reports of suspected cases of this virus in  Kenya, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Botswana, none have reported any death. They have mainly been placed in quarantine while tests are carried out. So far, all have tested negative for the virus. Uganda's health ministry confirmed it had quarantined more than 100 people who have arrived at Entebbe International Airport. Some of the people have been quarantined at two hospitals in Entebbe and Kampala, while others have been asked to stay in their homes. Again no death has been reported from Uganda.

It is important to note that this report is not yet confirmed by WHO and this could be mere speculation, however existing research appears to support  this claim.




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