Android games to watch out for this year

It is a start of a new decade and it is also a start for new games that we can play! But what Android games should we really look out for this year? What genres of games should we expect?

Android games used to be just casual games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds; there is nothing wrong with that but it seems that since the technology have been advancing fast and new phones with newer chipsets being released yearly, games have been having more improvements too. Graphically intensive games that can give you console-like experience on the go are now present on mobile! Heck even mobile phones have these dubbed "gaming" phones just to be able to compensate on these kind of games. But what are the games to look out for this year really? Let us start with:

Punishing: Gray Raven

Punishing: Gray Raven is an Action-RPG developed by 庫洛遊. It tackles a futuristic setup and lets you control characters with different weapons, playstyle, combos and character switch skills to defeat robots. This game is now available for download but the language is still on Chinese.


Arknights is an anime inspired tower-defense game where players would play a role as a "doctor" that would help defend medical facilities against what they call "infectors". This game will make you think of different types of strategies every time you made progress on each levels. If you like strategy, anime art, cute chibis and tower-defense games, Arknights is for you. This game is also now available for download.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends or simply 'LoL' is a PC MOBA game that has millions of players worldwide. Now, Riot Games partnered with Tencent to bring LoL to Android phones which is good for players that do not have time to play on PC and always on the go. For some reason, the graphics and character models on this game looks better than the PC counterpart. Unfortunately, this game is still not available but you can pre-register on Google Play.

Legends of Runeterra

Another game from Riot Games, Legends of Runeterra is a free-to-play card game that will feature characters from the well-knowned game, League of Legends. This game is also set to be released this year and might be released on an earlier date than Wild Rift. If you like card games like Hearthstone, this game is now available for pre-registering on Google Play.

Genshin Impact

An action-RPG / adventure game by the one that created Honkai Impact 3rd, miHoYo. This game will feature an open-world experience partnered with cell-shaded graphics that will surely amaze you. Explore dungeons, fields and different terrains with Genshin Impact that is coming soon this year.

Do you have other games that you are looking out for this year? Share them on comments!

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