Hantavirus:another type of virus update from China

Humans who come in contract with Hantavirus usually come in contact with rodents. "Rodent infestation in and outside a home remains the main risk of contacting Hantavirus"

Even as the world is trembling with the outbreak of coronavirus, a Chinese man has been reported dead in Yunnan province of China after testing positive to Hantavirus.

The man died on his way back to Shandong province for work on a chartered bus; China Global Times reports.

Hantavirus becomes the trending virus as people are still panicking for fear of Coronavirus. However, Hantavirus is not airborne like coronavirus.

"Even healthy individuals are at risk for HPS infection if exposed to the virus". From the website of Center for disease control and prevention.

HPS can be contracted if someone touches his eye, nose, or mouth after touching rodent droppings, urine,or even nesting materials states centers for disease control and prevention.

This Hantavirus is just not like coronavirus as it is not airborne. Coronavirus puts fear more fear in people because everyone breaths, interact and so on. This is part of what makes us human beings and as such no man is an Island. Indeed it is only God that can save us all from all these infections popping us among us.

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