As The Bill Gates Conspiracy Thickens

As The Bill Gates Conspiracy Thickens...

Bill Gates became the world's richest man in 1999 when Forbes quoted his worth at $101 billion dollars. He was 43.

Twenty-one years later, it's all about series of conspiracy theories, some of them utterly ridiculous while others extremely bizarre.

He is being accused of having already developed microchips in nano form that would be implanted in humans via vaccines. Theory One says that the chips are meant to control everyone on earth while Theory Two says it's to reduce world's population. Yet Theory Three says the chips would make any recipient impotent.

As ridiculous as I find these tales, I probably have not heard them all. There maybe other theories sounding like Harry Potter's list of chronicles hiding just a click away from me.

But before we got here, who's Bill Gates?

Easily could be described as the father of modern computer softwares, using his patented Microsoft.

He rose to prominence by working his socks off. Having dropped out of the famous Harvard University to pursue his dreams, which came through in multiple folds, Gates isn't a man who could be described as having made it the easy way.

He might have come from a well-to-do family but he rose to prominence by combining two major success factors to astonishing extremes. He was an intellectual wizard in the field he chose and he had an unrivaled business brain. He was tenacious too and extremely competitive.

He knew whatever he wanted and was always a step ahead. He missed huge quantity of hours of sleep just to get to his destination. He might have had several litigation cases along his track but he completely deserved being the world's richest at 43.

Now, this man stepped down from the day-to-day running of Microsoft in the year 2000 and made his college friend Steve Ballmer the CEO. His idea was to concentrate on the most passionate side of the business - software architecture.

In June 27, 2008, Gates had his last full day at Microsoft to devote more time to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In February, 2014, he stepped down as chairman of Microsoft, devoting most of his time to the foundation.

What is the foundation all about?


Bill and Melinda Gates practically kicked polio out of Africa. For being the best state that fought polio in 2012, my state of Anambra under HE Peter Obi won one million dollars from the Gates' Foundation. How could same man return to Africa eight years later with intention of killing those he saved?

How can I believe such tales that this unrivaled philanthropist was saving many African lives just to destroy them many years later?

in 2015, Gates made it possible for all his employees to enjoy a year's paid leave if any had a child or adopted one. How could same man suddenly be involved in delivering harm to same babies?

All his endeavours have always been about quality improvement of mankind. His huge investments in healthcare have never been profitable ventures. He has inspired more than 50% of the world billionaires to pledge huge percentage of their wealth for charitable ventures.

Gates donated huge money researching for vaccines. Most infectious diseases are best prevented via vaccines. He found out via research two years ago that the world was most vulnerable to a pandemic. He equally involved huge cash towards research and development of a vaccine to tackle flu.

Are these why all these theories are levelled against him? When has it become a crime to be fore-sighted and proactive?

Why should the conspiracy theorists tie this great philanthropist up with the Coronavirus mess?

This virus night be killing thousands and devastating world economies but Bill Gates will be its biggest victim if some cabal truly make these conspiracy stuffs stick.

But they need something truly convincing to make it stick. All the photo shopped pictures and distorted YouTube videos to support these crazy theories haven't done anything near that yet.

Nonetheless, I've seen great men destroyed out of envy. I just pray that this extremely great man wouldn't be pushed through that dark door of history. For a good man never automatically turns evil at 64!

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