Catholic Church missionary nuns became PREGNANT while working in Africa

Catholic Church  has launched an  investigation  after  two of their nuns  working in Africa  became PREGNANT despite vows of chastity  . Both nuns are African and were posted to their home continent as part of their charity mission.Both women  who belonged to separate religious orders in Sicily, are expecting children despite their vows of chastity

One of them  found  she was several weeks pregnant while the other woman discovered the news when she complained of stomach pain.

 A church source in Rome said: “There is consternation at this news. It appears that both women were back in their home nations and obviously had some form of sexual encounter."


"The nun may now choose to give up her monastic life altogether and focus on raising her child, it is believed.  

In a second case, a nun who was originally from Madagascar was discovered to be several weeks pregnant. 

The nun was a mother superior - a senior monastic - and had been caring for the elderly at an institute in Ragusa. "

Earlier this year Pope Francis admitted that many nuns had been sexually abused, calling it a 'serious, grave problem'. 


'We have to fight this, and also the service of religious sisters: Please: Service yes, servitude no,' he said on his papal plane in January.  





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James - Nov 15, 2019, 11:21 AM - Add Reply

God forgive them

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