Coronavirus Pandemic: Are Medical Experts Really the Hero, a Lamb or the Hunting Dog?

Given the coronavirus outbreak in December from the City of Wuhan, The People’s Republic of China, health workers around the world have been working tirelessly to save and rid the world of the deadly coronavirus plague that has infected millions of people and killed thousands globally. Due to this selfless service, medical doctors and other health specialists working round the clock have been given encomium and called various kinds of names such as savior of the world. In fact, some have described them as the hero and legend of modern times. However, some have argued that health workers working tirelessly around this coronavirus pandemic are nothing but just a mere sacrificial lamb and hunting dog. They believe that health workers lives and activities are just the little sacrifice the world needs to offer for the greater good. That, their activities are not to be celebrated at all nor worth any encomium but sad. Therefore, I shall examine briefly the position of health workers during the struggle against invisible enemy. That is, are health workers the hero of our time or they are just a sacrificial lamb the world needs to offer for common good? It is no longer new that the coronavirus pandemic has held the world to standstill, not only is it injurious and deadly to the human being and animal but also affected the global economy. This has put the scientists and researchers across the globe on their toe to understanding the virus so as produce possible of vaccination against the virus. Since the scientists and researchers are yet to produce any substantive drugs or vaccines, the World Health Organization too is yet to proclaim and approve a specific vaccine to be administered against the deadly virus. In spite of the unavailability of appropriate drugs and vaccines, the health workers around the world have put forth their lives by working tirelessly in managing and treating the infected people across the continents thereby reducing the spread of the disease. Moreso, their activities have led to a significant number of recovered patients globally from the deadly virus. This activities have earned the health workers the status of hero and legend in the society. The above success and efforts by medical experts have brought back the old high school debate concerning the best and most useful profession to humanity in the world. As a matter of fact, coronavirus pandemic and recent efforts by medical experts have made people to favor the medical field than it counterpart such as law, teaching, policy and decision making, economics and others. Many believed that medical experts are the real warriors and saviors of the world against the invisible enemy, giving them the status of the best and most useful profession to humanity while other professionals are at home and keeping safe during global lockdown. And since the health workers are at the front line of curbing the coronavirus plague, they are likely to be exposed to hazards that put them at risks of infection, and also endanger their lives, and possibly kill some. The hazards include pathogen exposure, long working hours, psychological distress, fatigue, occupational burnout, stigma and physical and psychological violence among others. From the foregoing, many have argued that the health workers are no modern hero or legend against the invisible enemy but constitute a portion of small sacrifice that the world needs to offer for the common good. That the medical experts are just a hunting dog against coronavirus plague that usually get dumped once the hunting is over. That is, medical and health workers are just mere pawn in the chess game of pandemic. They usually lead the attack and make ways for the people which are pastors, politicians, policy makers, public office holders, capitalists among others.

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