CORONAVIRUS: What You Need To Know About The Virus And How To Stay Safe

CORONAVIRUS: What You Need To Know About The Virus And How To Stay Safe

CoronaVirus is a Respiratory Disease, popularly known by its scientific name COVID19. This virus has proven to be more dangerous than other diseases of the past. It is known for its unique attacks on respiratory organs. The first outbreak of this virus was in China with about 0.7percent of China's population affected. Today, this deadly disease has not only remain in China, but has gone international and has been recorded to have infected about 220,000 people and 9000 death cases.

How did this virus came to be?

Some false speculations has it that the CoronaVirus was formed in a Chinese lab. But then it has not been scientifically proven how this virus emanate. Scientists believed that the virus has an animal as its host and has also been linked to the BATS which must have infected some animals in the "Wet Market" of Wuhan, China, a market known for its major sales on dead and life animals including birds and fishes.


The CoronaVirus is known for its Cold-Like symptoms which include; 1. Difficulty in Breathing (short breath) 2. Fever 3. Dry Cough 4. Tiredness 5. Pneumonia

CoronaVirus can be transmitted through direct contact with an infected person. Its chain is explained as thus: when an infected person sneezes or coughs, tiny droplets lands on nearby surfaces, an unsuspecting victim can pick up this virus by mere touching the infected surface and making a direct contact with his/her face with the same hand. NB: the mouth, eyes and the nose are highly prone to the disease.


As at the time of this publication, there is no known cure to this disease CoronaVirus. But scientists has been trying out existing drugs which has in time past cured similar viruses like The Ebola virus. This exercise seems promising but until it effectiveness has been scientifically proven, there are no cure to CoronaVirus.


Although, CoronaVirus has no cure, there are preventive measure that can be taken in order to stay safe. We will take out time to list some of them below. 1. Regular washing of the hands; CoronaVirus is transmitted through direct contact with tiny droplets from infected person, so it is advised to wash you hand regularly with soap and water or hand sanitizers for at least 20-30seconds. 2. Stay 6-10 meters away from suspected person(s), since there are probability that infected person might sneeze or cough within 15 minutes staying close to them. 3. Use nose masks when you are in a public gathering this is because the virus has a relative size of about 80nm and cannot pass through smaller opening as like the nose mask. Do you like this piece of information? Visit for informations like this

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