COVID-19, The Man Behind the Scenes. Video Analysis with Documentary Proves

COVID-19, The Man Behind the Scenes. Video Analysis with Documentary Proves.


Could Coronavirus be one of the plans mapped out for population control? The issue of population control and it's advocacy as the solution to human problems, such as hunger or poverty, economic breakdown, disease, and more, has been a bone of contention. These problems have been blamed on overpopulation in the world.


According to Grad Grece, nearly 24100 years ago, in ancient Greece, Plato discussed the importance of population control. Aristotle advocated the use of abortion and genocides. In 1798, an essay on the "Principle of Population" was written by Thomas R. Malthus 1766-1834. He outlined the idea of positive checks, which are diseases, war, natural disasters, famine, or genocides. Thomas R. Malthus believes that these things should be utilized to increase the death rate, and believes that the human miseries were an absolutely necessary consequence. In 1859, Charles Derwin published "On the Origin of Species". In it, Derwin only hinted on the implications on the human population, but his cousin, Sir Francis Galton became obsessed with the idea. In 1883, Galton published "Inquiries in Human Faculty and Its Development", where he wrote that his intention was to touch on various topics more or less connected with that of the cultivation of race, or, as we might call it, "Eugenics" the term came from the Greek word, "Eugenes" of noble birth. 


In the early 20th century, Eugenes became an academic discipline Studied in universities. Organizations were formed and funded to win public support. The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and Cold Spring Harbor institute rejected the idea, advocating that humans are born equal and begin selling the idea of cultivating a new master race of noble bloodlines. Planned Parenthood Advocate was formed in America by Margaret Sanger. The President of IBN, Thomas Watson established "The Special Subsidiary" in Poland. It went on and on until Bill Gates's father, William Henry Gates II worked on the board of Planned Parenthood, and the mother, Mary Maxwell Gate worked on the corporate board of IBM, that Bill Gates partnered with to create Microsoft. With no medical background, Bill Gates then went on to become the world foremost pusher of vaccines, and population control (CO2=PxSx). "Do you think that this is a coincidence?" He asked. Bill Gates Foundation funds the WHO, the NIH, the CDC, and the UN, and now, he is saying that until we get mass vaccinations (which he will sell to the world without having a medical background), we might never be able to gather in groups.


This video coverage below reveals that Bill Gates has been the brain bus behind coronavirus with reasons to push and sell his vaccines, make more money and to realize the so-called population control through the increase of global death rate. As a wealthy and very powerful and influential man, he has been using these to achieve his aim and probably to control the world. It is however, a time for the world to stand up against this global evil and wickedness. Anyone who puts or intends to put the lives of human beings at risk or in danger in order to achieve political or none political power, fame, and wealth is not worthy to be listened to or accepted as a leader or even as a human. All men are born equal, race, or religion notwithstanding, and therefore, have the right to life. Whoever believes that taking humans' lives and reducing the human population is the solution to the so-called problems of man should take his own life and allow those who still want to live to face and perhaps, overcome the challenges facing man to live.


Let's rise against any selfish, and self-aggrandizement push of vaccinations used by some wealthy and influential luna-beast to enslave and destroy the lives and human rights of their fellow human beings. Click here to watch the video analysis with documentary proves.


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Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu

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