COVID-19: Things are Getting Worst for Israel


As some nations are reopening their daily activities and others are warming up to do so, in order to revive their national economy, the case of Israel, however, is getting worse. It appears that a full lockdown will soon be reintroduced in Israel due to the fact that news cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) are seen in the country on a daily basis.


On Sunday, Sigal Sadetzky, the head of health services at the Health Ministry, told Israel’s parliament that the country is seeing the start of a second wave of the pandemic. Over the last month, the government took steps to reopen the economy and roll back restrictions.


“We had a long period of more than two weeks with a calm of less than 20 infections a day, and it started to climb and climb, and now we are seeing close to 200 new sick people a day,” Sadetzky said, according to The Times of Israel.


“What characterizes the wave we are seeing now is that it’s across the country. We don’t really know how to identify at-risk groups,” she said.




Late last week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Israelis that the government will have to reimpose the lockdown if social distancing and other preventive measures aren’t practiced to avoid the spread of COVID-19.


"I have good news and not-so-good news. The good news is that our economy is picking up pace," Netanyahu said, according to Israel Hayom, an Israeli national newspaper.


"The not-so-good news is our community spread levels," he continued, referring to the recent increase of COVID-19 infections within Israel. "We are seeing the start of a climb, and the reproduction number (the time it takes for cases to multiply) is 10 days. If this continues, we will have to reintroduce the lockdown measures". Netanyahu concluded.


This is really bad for Israel because if the case of the coronavirus increases, it will surely bring about the reintroduction of a national lockdown, which will affect Israel's economy heavily. Yes, Netanyahu had said that Israel's economy is picking up its pace, but this will not remain the truth if the case of coronavirus continues and a total lockdown is reintroduced and it remains. Should this be the case, Israel's economy will definitely be affected and as well as the lives of the citizens?


We pray with Israel that God will deliver them from coronavirus as He is delivering other nations of the world. Thanks for reading, please share.


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Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu.

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