Cure For CoronaVirus

Recently I went online and read a documentary stating that chloroquine is a cure to corona virus, I am not sure how that is or how true it can be, but if it is true, why has it not been implemented? Why is the world not yet accepting it's usage? I will employ the whole world to do something about it so that we will all experience peace in this part of the world.

Presently, there is no cure to coronas virus, the best we have gotten far is precaution measures that can be implemented in solving the crises.

Here are some of the ways to prevent the contracting of the virus:

1. Make sure you have an active hand sanitizer at home, in office or your place of work and do well to use it always.

2. Nose cover is equally important, tryto get it in pack or bundles, use it daily whenever ypu go out so as to secure your breathe.

3. Avoidance of public gathering: these days, going to public gathering must not be a must for you, try as much as possible to avoid the ones you can. It is not a crime to sty away from public gathering, prevention is better than cure.

4. Be on high alert: some symptoms of the virus are sneezing, coughing and the likes, if you have anyone around you that is experiencing such, try to call the nearest emergency agency around you for help, the person needs to be tested before concluding on what to do.

5. Avoid travelling: do not go on unnecessarily errands, try to avoid all journeys that are not quite too important. It is bettyer to stay save than going to dangerous zone and getting killed.

Corona virus is real, it kills quicker than most known viruses, try your best possible to avoid it.



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