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In this Article I will be giving out the illness and natural cure to it, don't forget God heals.... 

Finger Nail Infections:

Grind little quantity of camphor and soulful to powerder mix with any Vaseline olive oil and apply to the affected finger nail always until there is proper growth of another finger nail.

Children Convulsion:

Grind one sachet of mustard seed and one black stone mix with 20cl of Oliver or palm kernel oil (native pomade), Rub the entire body and give tille to the child to drink.

Hypertension (HBP):

Grind 3 sachets of mustard seed mix with 35cl of honey or olive oil and take one spoon daily


Chew little quantity of mustard seed and drink one spoon of olive oil for 21 days. Don't forget to pray along with it.


Grind some quantity of mustard see and black stone mix with honey, take 2 table spoons, 3 times daily. Drinking one's urime is very effective also.


Grind three sachet of mustard seed and three sachet of black stone, mix with original olive oil or original palm kernel oil, take two tablespoons morning and evening 

Typhoid Fever:

Grind three sachests of mustard seed, mix with pure honey or original olive oil and take two teaspoon three times daily.

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