Donald Trump finally undergoes Conoravirus test

Before now president of United States refused taking Conoravirus test insisting he doesn't have it. Even White House later said, that there is not need for Trump to go for the test.

But as of Friday, he confirmed that he took the test. The call for the test came after the lawmakers, Georgia Rep. Doug Collins and Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz recently quarantine themselves after being in close contact with someone that has the disease.

It was later made know that Collins shook hands with Trump during a visit to center for disease control and prevention of Friday.

The fear was later escalated when it was confirm Brazilian president and his son has tested positive to Conoravirus. Although their were later said not to have the virus.

During press briefing, Trump said he took the test on Friday but have not seen the test results yet since it takes 1-2 days to come out.

But yesterday, White house confirmed that the test result has come out and Donald Trump does not have the virus.


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