Dying Light 2 Not Being Released This Spring 2020

If not all, most people on the gaming community knows Dying Light. The game became a huge hit for it being a very thrilling game with dynamic day and night cycles that makes the enemies (dead/zombies) more aggressive and also parkour! And due to the game being popular on the gaming community, it seems that it is a no brainer to develop a sequel for it.

A sequel for the game was announced, Dying Light 2, which the event would occur 15 years after the events on the first game. It will still have the same undead or zombie killing elements on the game but with added more parkour stunts and a new protagonist named Aiden Caldwell.

Seems good right? Dying Light also became known because of the parkour included on the game but the problem is, the sequel has been delayed.

A tweet from the game's twitter account posted a message about the development delay for the game.

The game was supposedly to be released spring of 2020 which should be around Mid-March 2020. But what does this delay mean for the game? Well, this just could mean that a new Dying Light game could be released with lesser bugs on the release date. Having more time to development could also lead to a more cleaner game! I know that fans of the game are already excited and eager to play it. Believe me, I'm also excited but if a delay would improve the overall experience then who am I to say no for it? If the delay produces a cleaner game, it is a win-win for all of us gamers. Let's just hope that no more further delays would be announced for this as it would make the hype for the game die down.

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