Eating healthy, exercising and weight lose

I have spent most of my life over weight. My dream since i begin to know being over weight is not good was to lose weight and get into shape. My natural science teacher in upper primary taught us that to lose weight one has to eat less and exercise. Since i always gotten good grades in natural science, i thought i was able to put theory into practical and get the results i wanted.

I considered only eating less. To me eating less was eating foods that will make me lose my appetite. I started eating more sweets since I heard sweets will make one lose appetite. I begin my journey at 16.At 18 I was two times bigger than when I started and I was wondering what was I doing wrong.

I started doing more researches on exercising, dieting and weight lose. I want to share with you what I learned for there might be someone doing what I was doing at 16.

DIETING When it comes to weight lose, diet is more important. One have to eat healthy to lose weight. Eating healthy means eating more whole plants and animals products and less of processed products. Whole products are products which comes straight from the plants and animals without any chemicals added to them, unless the canned ones for storing reasons. Whole plants products are fruits, vegetables, legumes, roots, and grains. One should eat more vegetables especially green vegetables e.g spinach, cabbage, lettuce, green beans etc for they improve the human digestive system. Fruits should be eaten in moderate. Legumes and grains should also be eaten for they contain more fibre which helps in the digestive system. Animals whole foods are meat, milk, eggs. To lose weight one should eat white meat (chicken, turkey, lean pork), lean red meat, milk and eggs for they contain more protein than plant products. It does not mean if a person likes processed foods they should give up on them totally. One can draw up thier eating table and include in cheating meals which is a chance for them to enjoy thier favourite processed foods.

To lose weight one should eat a balanced diet. A balanced diet means a diet contains all the nutrients the body needs (vitamins, protein, carbonhydrates) and all micro nutrients. Protein plays the main role when it comes to weight lose, so it should be included in every meal.

To lose weight one should prevent over eating. To prevent over eating, its best to eat more small meals throught the day or eat three main meals with minimum snacking between them. On one plate, all the nutrients should be included (more vegetables, protein and some carbs). To not over eat, its advicable to eat on a small plate, eat until the body communicates it is full and stop eating.

Calories counting is also important to lose weight. One should eat less calories than the calories they are giving out via exercising throught the day.

EXERCISING After dieting, exercising is also important to lose weight. The relationship of diet to exercises is 80/20. When we talk about exercising, everyone thinks of the gym. Gyming is not the only way to get your exercises in. There are other ways such as walking, dancing, cleaning etc. Let me say for as long as you are active, you are giving out calories.

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