Five Serious Health Problems Caused By Stress

Five Serious Health Problems Caused By Stress: Check List

Stress is perhaps a major cause of death of many young people in this new generation, the economic hardship has put many people on the move to survive while risking their health through daily stress.

However, recent researches suggest that stress can trigger alot of complicated diseases which may include the following but not limited to;

(1) HEART ATTACK: Frequent Stress is a trigger for cardiovascular diseases like heart attack. When one is under much stress, the blood pressure is more likely to go up, the fatigue experience by the body will discourage one from exercising. According to medicinenet stress is a risk factor for heart diseases because it exposes the body to persistence increase in the level of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.

Recent studies also revealed that stress may cause changes in blood clotting thereby increasing the risk for heart attack.

SOLUTION : Stress management is key to preventing sudden heart attack or failure.

(2) MENTAL PROBLEMS: Stress will not just weaken the body, it can also make way for mental disorder which include depression, anxiety, psychosis etc. Recent studies and researches have found out that prolong stress can alter the structure of the brain. If stress thus can affect some part of Brain, then there is a risk of eventually leading to mental disorder.

SOLUTION: it is necessary to apply some stress relieving techniques like listening to music,meditating etc

(3) PRE-MATURED EJACULATION : Another complicated stress issue is that of premature ejaculation in men. Frequent and persistent stress reduces men's performance.

Since sex is controlled by the brain, much hormones meant for sexual performance are been inhibited by stress hormones. Psychologists says that chronic stress affect the concentration of sex hormones. During intercourse, instead of body producing and focusing on sex hormones much of the stress hormones are released and this may lead to premature ejaculation.

SOLUTION : Stress management techniques will help out, practising yoga and some simple exercise can help the body relax. A good sleep is also another way out.

(4) LOW IMMUNITY: Over working the system will affect the leukocytes which are naturally meant to fight infections, when the white blood cells are weak to fight it gives chances for infections and other diseases to come in.

SOLUTION : There is no substitutes to good health, rest, exercise and therapy will help

(5) DEVELOPING GREY HAIR: A recent research at Harvard university founds evidence to support the fact that stress causes grey hair. Many people who go through frequent stress are likely to have grey hair.

Everyone go through stress but the way each person respond to stress differs. Stress is a negative sensation to the body system, it is thus necessary for everyone to learn how to manage stress in their daily life.

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