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Free Book Giveaway, Click here to download a free book.

Moral morass and socio-political, socio-religious, and cultural decay are not phenomena to be waved away and just overlooked. This is because its havoc on a nation, society, community or even on an individual's life can never be fathom if underestimated and handled with a nonchalant attitude

This moral morass and decays are a result of the political rivalry, ethnocentric and tribe conflict, and endo/octo-religious crises that are daily hurricanizing, flooding, and confronting our beloved country Nigeria and her citizens. This is the issue that should be the concern of all Nigerians both the government and all individuals, because the heinous, obnoxious, and lethal havoc these are causing effect hurtfully, people of all class and status. Above all, these have gone a very long way in disrupting and destabilizing to a greater extent the peace and unity of our nation Nigeria. So that, politically, religiously, governmentally, economically, socially, academically, security-wise, etc., it seems obvious that Nigeria and Nigerians are no longer safe and secure. But this should not be so; we-Nigerians should team up and fight these mess, problems, and havoc. This should not be the fight of the government or the masses alone; rather it should be the fight of all Nigerians in and among all her sectors. This should be done with every good and positive technique and strategies both with money/wealth, ideas, oral and written creative articles, journals, and other forms of books, among others.

As one of the techniques of fighting these moral morasses, socio-political, socio-religious and cultural decays, hence the purpose of this book; this is a socio-moral, socio-political and socio-religious book that aims at being one of the sources of eradicating every ill, evil and havoc causing factors that are disrupting and destabilizing the peace and unity of Nigeria; causing isolation, tribalism, disintegration, conflict, terrorism, prejudice, bigotry, etc., among us-Nigerians.

This book is divided into three parts. The first part deals with historical overview and customs of some tribes in Nigeria including the flag, coat of arms, anthem and pledge; the second part explains the Nigerian National Pledge with applications while the third part addresses various issues in Nigeria and draws conclusive suggestions and recommendations on how to make Nigeria easy for her and her compatriots.

This is a book from a prolific and pre-eminent Nigerian writer who means well for Nigerians who are equally hurt and affected by the moral morass and decay affecting all sectors of the nation; and prays, advice writes and calls for salvation, deliverance, betterment and blessings of Nigeria.

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Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu.


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