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The Pauper is a story of Johnson and Juliet, a couple that loved themselves so much. They were rich and well to do, very responsible, God-fearing, and cute. They have been married for fifteen years without any child, Juliet spends almost all her days in sorry and worries over the situation, but Johnson is more worried over the sadness and worry of his lovely wife over their childless situation. Anytime Juliet sees a mother playing with her kid, she gets lost into worrisome imagination on when it will be her turn to have and play with her own kid. Johnson, being a loving and caring husband, assures and reassures Juliet of his love for her, which he promised to continue showing her all the days of their lives on earth, child or no child. The love and care of Johnson became the backbone of Juliet and her reason for living happily even in her childless situation.


As days went by, Johnson came back from the office and discovered that his beautiful wife was looking very dull and sick. And when he queried her of the cause of her dull and sickly look, she told him that she has not been feeling too fine for the past three weeks. Johnson was not happy that his wife was sick for that period of time and did not tell him or consult her doctor. He tried to drive his wife to the hospital that night to see her doctor, but Juliet insisted that she was okay, and would see the doctor the next day. Since Juliet could not drive, due to her health condition, and had refused her husband employing a driver for her, Johnson had to drop her to see her doctor on his way to the office. A few hours later, Johnson came back from the office and had the security man open the gate for him without alerting the wife. He sneaked into the house and refused to call, “Honey, I’m home!” as he usually does. He really wanted to take his wife unawares, in order to make her happy. But to his greatest surprise, Johnson saw his ever crying and sobbing wife whenever she was alone, shining and smiling with a bright face, as bright as the morning sun. She had decorated the room and was anxiously waiting for the return of her husband. Johnson could not believe his eyes but was very happy, Whatever it was that made his wife so happy and could not wait to hear it from her. After some minutes of drama, Juliet opened up to her curious husband that she was three weeks pregnant. Johnson was lost in immeasurable joy and/or happiness.


Eight months and two weeks later, Juliet was driven to the hospital to deliver her first child, because she was having her labor. But after some medical check-up, it was discovered that Juliet will put to bed the next day. It was very difficult for Johnson to leave his wife in the hospital to go back home because of the business meeting he must attend the next morning if their business must not crumble. But Juliet insisted that he should go home and prepare for his business journey the next day. By 8:30 am the next day, Johnson was already in the meeting venue when his phone rang and the wife broke the good news to him that she had delivered a bouncing baby boy. Johnson out of joy jumped on his feet with a shout of amazement, which interrupted the speech of the chairman of the meeting, who when learning the reason behind Johnson’s happiness, permitted him to go home and see his lovely wife and new baby.


With that happiness and enthusiasm, Johnson jumped into his car and drove into the middle of the road. On stirring, Johson was lost in thought on how he was going to celebrate his wife and new baby. With several thoughts in his mind and at a high speed, Johnson did not notice the lorry driver coming with speed on the other lane of the road.

Get the book free on the link below to read more. “The Pauper” is a creative and captivating story (fiction), which the idea, however, was conceived from real-life events. It is a tragicomedy with a happy ending. It is full of suspense, curiosity, which were also satisfied in the storyline. Click here to get the book free. If you like the book, you can sponsor the paperback publication. Also, contact us if you receive the book and like the storyline, thanks.


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