Genshin Impact to be released on Nintendo Switch

Genshin Impact, a Breath of the Wild inspired, adventure RPG, developed by MiHoYo will also be released to the Nintendo Switch.

Genshin Impact was first announced in June 2019 for smartphones and PC. There is no known release date for the game yet but upon the switch announcement trailer for the game, the release date was now set to "coming soon".

It can also be remembered that this game has angered some Legend of Zelda fans because of the same art style and some game play elements. There even is a fan that destroyed a PS4 on Sony's promotion at a Chinese gaming expo just to protest on the said game which made it gain a lot of attention.

Now that the game will also be available on Nintendo Switch, will there be no more protest against it? How will it fare that a new Breath of the Wild game will also be released? Playing this game might give us more insights.

Check out the Japanese Announcement Trailer of the game for the Nintendo Switch here:

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