Ginger, the only medicine that cures the symptoms of covid-19


I was suffering the worst cough of my life, and anyone that saw it was like, I was about to die and I could not survive this cough. Some even called it, tuberculosis and that I was dieing slowly. I coughed and coughed like a dieing patient, I could just cough continuously for thirty seconds without stopping. I myself thought it was the end.

I went to hospital wasted over #20,000 for treatment and test from one place to the other but, all I got was a temporary relief of one week. I thought I was okay. During that one week, so I decided to resume school since I just got admission. I was in school collected my confirmation later and everything was still okay. Until, one deadly night that evil cough returned again, my room mates were scared that they advised me to go to the school clinic.

I went and the doctor after seeing me cough told me to go for an x-ray of the heart, I did it already in Abuja while I was battling it there, and so I realized I was only going to repeat the same process, I had done in Abuja. I refused the test and started calling and telling people my problems. Note people whom I know where well vased in herbal medicine.

I contacted my brother only to realize he was battling the same fate of the cough as I was. He said his room mates even runs when ever he coughs in the room. Until, a friend told him about ginger.

He used it and it worked effectively. A friend advised me to add garlic, that they worked together. Just #50 ginger and #50 garlic later healed me of a sickness I wasted thousands for.

If you are suffering any cough and sneezing use ginger and garlic to cure yourself, before concluding it is Covid-19. And stop making unnecessary calls. We can fight this pandemic together.

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