Homemade Organic Secret to Improve Your Eyesight in 1 week

This organic remedy improves your eyesight issues such as blurry vision, glaucoma, double vision , etc within few days of consumption.


Using an accurate weighing balance, weigh >>

- 50 grams of dried Almonds.

- 50 grams of dried Fennel seeds.

- 50 grams of hard organic Jaggery.


Preparation Procedures:

• Now, all the above quantified recipes and put them into a grinder/blender jar.

• Then grind them well and make a fine powder of all the recipes.

• Transfer and store them separately in an air-tight container.


Consumption dosage:

• Take a cup of lukewarm milk and

• Add 1/2 tablespoon (tbsp) of each of the 3 powders in to the milk.

• Mix and stir it homogeneously well.

• Drink this 2 hours before sleep.

• Make sure you do not eat any other food after drinking this mixture.r

• Don't skip to drink this regularly.

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