How the World Shall Come to an End

To every beginning there is an end and life in this world is no exception to this principle. The one through whom the world was made has attested that there shall be an end time.

The Beginning

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1

The heavens include the sun, moon and the stars which we see everyday and the earth is the planet on which we live, so we attest to it that these were created by God in the beginning.

The End

And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. Matthew 24:14

So, we live in between these two events; the beginning and the end.

The number of years from the beginning of creation to the end of time is not known by man and science cannot predict the number or the exact period of the end.

However, in the period prior to the end we have been told that certain things shall happen. Those things and signs are happening before our eyes. The source of knowledge pertaining to these things is the Bible.

In knowing how the world shall come to an end the first thing to remember is your own death. Your death certainly brings your world to an end and you have less than 150 years to live all your life on earth. But you’re still anxious to know when or how the world will end?

In Matthew chapter24 Jesus in answering this question by his disciples, spoke of things that shall happen before he comes and also signal the end of time.

The first thing Jesus did was to caution the disciples (including all those who claim to believe and follow him) to be alert so no one leads them astray.

Being led astray is to hear and follow false teachings and theories propounded by men who profess to be knowledgeable and wise, and be swayed by those teachings instead of holding on to the faith of the gospel of Christ that shall lead you to salvation. There are presently a lot of books written by men who teach other forms of religion and worship.

Some of the things that Jesus told his disciples will happen before his coming include the following events:

Wars and rumors of wars

Jesus said you will hear of wars and rumors of wars and truly you are hearing it. Since World War 1 there’s been another war and there’s threat of yet another. In between these big wars there had been smaller ones such as civil wars, Vietnam War, Crimean War and currently there is a Russia-Ukraine War.

Famines and Earthquakes

In fact hearing of earthquakes happening in some places is not a new thing to be surprised about. Once a while we all hear news of earthquakes devastating places and killing people. I remember some strong ones which occurred in Haiti and also in Japan which caused a lot of havoc.

Famine occurs in war-torn areas and you often hear food aid being sent to victims of war by an agency of the United Nations - World Food Program to help alleviate the suffering of women and children.

Tribulation or suffering

Jesus told his disciples ‘’they will deliver you up to tribulation and put you to death, and you will be hated by all nations for my name’s sake.’’

  The manner in which his disciples died gives credence to this. Most of them died by torture at the hands of men. As a follower of Jesus Christ it shall not be rosy with you most of the time.

An old man was preaching the gospel in a train in an American city. He wasn’t making a loud noise or disturbing anyone but he was attacked and wounded by some people for no apparent reason. These are some of the things which happen to the followers of Jesus. In some places Christians have been reported to be persecuted.

Hard times

Hard times are causing some followers to backslide; to become cold in their faith. This is evident among many Christians who only want material possessions for themselves.

A lot of people are complaining about hard times but the Bible says only fools keep complaining that times are hard.


Go to the Courts today and see for yourself the number of people breaking laws and doing acts that do not show respect to God and man. Respect for elderly people by the youth is fast declining.

All these have been predicted to happen so be aware that the end time is fast approaching.

Word of God

These days you hear the word of God being preached on radio and television stations worldwide. In Ghana you will hear the word being preached at every radio and television station, in buses, on the streets, at lorry parks and markets, at everywhere there is a little concentration of people. People must hear the word and they are hearing it.

The word has now permeated almost every corner of this earth and is continuously spreading.

The events leading to the end is not a one-day affair. A thousand years is like one day for God. Certainly we have witnessed some of the major ones that certainly alert us that the world is coming to an end, but the day and hour not even Jesus knows.




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