How to Cope with and Overcome Heartbreak

How to Cope with and Overcome Broken Heart

By Ebenezer Awuah

Desmond was a friend who made me know how painful it is to have heartbreak. This happened when he was preparing to marry her girlfriend of two years when suddenly the girl jilted him for another man.

A person who has a broken heart is one who suffers loss from any of the following:

(i)  A valuable property or money

(ii)  A lover through jilting or death

(iii) A promise turned sour

A broken heart causes sudden, intense emotion with much pain in the heart to cause restlessness and sometimes sleeplessness, and in severe cases the need to see a Medical Doctor arises. There is a general feeling of despondency with little or no hope of continuing with life.

 Most of broken heart cases are those concerning love relationships or romance, and that is the focus of this article.

People who experience this syndrome lose interest in everything around them because of the pain in their hearts. Their disappointment brings much stress and some are unable to bear it.

Broken heart can happen to anyone but it is more common among women than men. Women are more susceptible because they have a weaker ego.  A woman victim of broken heart can easily lose her senses and become a lunatic. Such women are to be pitied.

In the case of men they contemplate suicide in severe cases. Some men are known to have shot themselves to death over being jilted by a woman.

Friend’s experience 

In his experience with this disgusting situation Desmond lost interest in life and wanted to die too. He thought of going to buy a rope to hang himself but fortunately didn’t have enough courage to approach a rope seller.

He travelled on a bus and prayed for the bus to crash in a road accident so he would die but God did not answer his prayer.


When a relationship is unsteady, anything can happen along the way. But when the relationship appears to be a steady one and suddenly one partner turns his or her back on the other for no apparent reason, the outcome is bad. When it occurs one has nothing to do than to cope with the attendant pain.

In coping with heartbreak my advice is not to do anything negative to yourself while the pain lasts. Never think of a suicide. You live for God and not for man. Give all your love to God instead of man and lean not on your own understanding but on the word of God.

Time is the greatest healer of the most stubborn wounds. With a little lapse of time all the pain will go away gradually and you will begin to feel better.

 If someone loves you he/she will never cause you to have pain. Have the thought that God has someone better for you and remain sober.


In the meantime dwell your thoughts on things that can take your mind off that particular person or thing that caused you the heartbreak. Mix with people and do not remain lonely. Loneliness has the tendency of driving your thoughts back to the pain. Get something of interest to occupy your mind.

In Desmond’s situation he saw his stupidity in the thing he had wanted to do to himself. He would have been dead for nothing because of a girl who had no thought and feeling for him.

It’s great to love or be loved. It’s a life experience worth sharing and anyone can fall in love. But since no person can be trusted except God do not put your trust in man because man is a treacherous animal that can ditch you anytime.

Love with care because you may not know who equally loves you and who does not. Some wolves may come clothed in sheepskins so beware.



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