How to Deal With Stress

An article by Herman G

As we go through life, we all have that one or two things that keep us on our toes that we cannot climb too high or get too confident with ourselves, although these kinds of issues are out of number, I don’t think there would be any hardship in tackling them all one by one…but of course we know that a million miles journey always begins with a step. So right now we look at this big word “stress” as it is a universal migraine.

What is stress?

It refers to the body’s reaction to changes that require adjustments or responses. These reactions could be either physical, mental or emotional which as we can already see is a normal part of life looking at the aspects. Now before we go into how you can manage stress, it is important to look at the signs and symptoms to come to a baseline of how you can tell if you’re under stress.

A few of the examples are:

 Insomnia.

This is a simple and self-diagnostic symptom to help you know you’re stressed, it means basically, lack of sleep. But it doesn’t just occur you know, there are a few things that could lead you to this sign, which are: shaking unusually or trembling, weight gain or loss, which actually is as a result of minimal relaxation of the body and loss of appetite in the case of weight loss or excessive feeding with too much idleness in the case of weight gain. You could also experience a racing heart or constant headaches (that could lead to anxiety) general aches and pains in the muscles and an upset stomach at times.

 Dizziness

This could be due to lack of sleep.

 Effects on your sex drive.

 Frequent colds and infections that could be brought about by self negligence or excessive worry leading to unnecessary panic in one’s daily life.

Now that we have those, let’s get straight to how do we manage it? or better yet, how do you deal with this challenge?

There are lots of ways stress issues can be dealt with but I’ll pick out the best and most effective strategies on this topic to ensure you don’t waste your precious time stacking ideas and methods that will only increase the level of the culprit (stress) in your daily life.

1. Exercise

Yes…exercise must and definitely should have been my first point. Other than relaxation of the mind and body as the latter effect of it, it also keeps you busy and anticipating throughout your day, this will help you in that you will not go into some kind of drug-related stress management strategy because…well, you cannot do substance if you still have workout sessions on your to-do list right? And speaking of

to-do lists, it brings me to my next point that is a bit related to this but not much, which is, a diary

2. Create a diary.

Other than turning you into a genius in your field of profession and planning your days, it can also be a stress reliever in that “once written, its half solved” yeah just borrowed that from another source but come on we all know writing stuff is good for the development of our brains right?

3. Share the key issues with your personal trustees

You’re probably wondering why I just used the word “trustees” and not friends, this is because some or most of friends cannot really be trusted with secrets, but if you have someone you can truly trust then you should go on and talk to

them about your issues in the safety of your most trusted relationship circle.

4. Get some sleep.

Remember lack of sleep was one of the signs of stress? Yeah, sleep is quite healthy if you master the healthy ways of its consumption. Like any other activity, sleep is crucial in your daily life as it gives your mind an opportunity to re-arrange it’s ideas and adapt them into your schedules and with that you learn to accept the things you can’t change, this is a wide topic so we’ll probably have to look at it in depth in a later article.

5. Discover some hobbies.

Hobbies could be anything you can do at your free or leisure time just to pass time. Meaning you have thousands of activities unexplored inside you that you could as well bring

to the surface, be it meditation or art, it could be sports or adventure and many other things, one thing I know is a normal human being has a world of possibilities lurking inside waiting to be stirred up so why live out a second in stress while you could mine the treasures inside you and make the world a better place?

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