How to Do Free Market Research For Business, Blog, or Advertisement Using the Internet?

If you are from a business background, you might know the importance of market research. In order to grow your business, you should build a problem-solving product for customers. For that, you have to give time in researching the pain, problem, and desire of customers. If you have a blog, doing affiliate marketing, or online advertising, then this article will help you. 

As you know, the internet has been growing all around the world. Every day more and more people are shifting themselves on digital platforms. It means the internet has a large portion of potential customers. So, the internet is a great way to find their pain, problem, and desires. 

But how can you do that? Don't worry! You are not alone in this. I am here to help you through this article. I shared the best ways to do market research with the help of the internet and it is free of cost. So, let's move on.



Facebook is the most popular social network which has 2.5 billion monthly active users (in 2019). You have the best chance to find your customers from this vast user base. You can see the posts, groups, pages, etc. on Facebook. 

For doing market research, you have to join groups that are relevant to your business. Almost every type of group you will get on Facebook and people continuously post their desires, problems, and many more things. 

So, think about your business product and search the groups related to it on Facebook. Join them and read and observe the posts. Join as much as possible because it is free.



You probably heard about quora because it is the biggest and popular question answer website. If you don't know about this website, then open your browser and search "Quora." 

People from all around the world put their queries on quora and get answers from other people who know the answer or like to give their opinion about the question. You can do the same; you can ask questions, give answers. 

But your main purpose is market research for your product. So, how can you do that on Quora? It's very simple. When you enter the quora and complete the login and sign up, you will see the category list like visiting and travel, psychology, healthy living, information technology, and many more.

Select the appropriate category, and then you will have a huge list of questions and answers regarding that. Check the questions as much as you can, and you will surely find it helpful to know the problems of people related to a particular product of your business niche.

For example,

When you select the "Healthy Living" category, you will see questions like this; "How to keep our body in shape?" "How to look younger?"

It means the people are still finding a way to look younger and bring shape to their bodies. You can make health-related products, or if you have a blog, then you can write an article related to that.











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