How to Get 1gb for 200 And 5000gb for 1k on MTN

People all over the world loves free or cheap things. Especially when they are a getting quality products in exchange for a peanut cash equivalent. 

It excites people so much. Well no one will blame them at all, economic conditions have not been too favorable. And Nigerians are no exceptions in terms of poor economic conditions and surviving on the best with the least. In fact one can safely say, they are topping the list for people who love and do such.

So I bring to you a cheap way of getting 1gb with 200 as against 1000 and 5000 gb with 1k on MTN Network

Follow the steps below:

1: Get a new sim card or an old sim card that has not been used for at least 30 days.

2: Insert into your phone and recharge with 200.

3: Dial *131*65*# and choose get 1 GB for 200.

4: Activate for a one run off purchase or automatic renewal as you want and send.

5: And boom ,there comes your 1gb for 200.

6: To get 5000 gb or more, repeat the process until you are satisfied. The data will all add up into your account.

Note: The sim card must have been dormant for at least a month. This is no cheat , it is clearly authorized by the MTN authority.

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