How to stay fit and healthy without going to gym

There are lots of ways to stay fit and healthy without going to gym but what most important is you need to have a good healthy diet. 

  • If you are eating a lot of junk food or you mostly eat out so you have to stop it before it will causes you badly. yes junk food's taste good but it can damage your inside body
  • Everyone prefer tasty food but most people are not aware of the damage of that tasty junk food. Yes if you are eating junk food consecutively,, it may give you a stomach pain it may ruin your digestion system in future and many more diseases 
  • So the first thing you should do is to eat healthy food drink health juice it can give you energy it can make you feel fresh
  • Make a good digestion of your body and you can do it by waking up in the morning by drink 2 glasses of hot water before having a breakfast. it will clean your stomach and refresh your whole body
  • The other thing is what you do is you  should start cycling. Yes if you want to stay fit and healthy you should start doing cycling it does not mean that you have to do a treadmill to loose your fat
  • Wake up early in the morning drink 2 glasses of hot water and grab a stopwatch and start peddling,, by taking a stopwatch you can set a timer that how many miles you want to hit in how much time,, it will be more easy
  • If a person can do all the thing i have mentioned above then the person doesn't need a gym to stay fit and healthy 
  • Gym is also a good option if you are going to gym making muscles that's a good thing one should definitely do. But what makes you healthy is not gym,, it's your daily routine your healthy diet. Gym can give you a great shape but good food gives you a healthy and fit life 
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day it is the first start of our daily meal so one should have healthy start of the day 

So these are the points that you should follow in your daily routine life and trust me it will change you if you follow it properly I personally experience it. It will make a great enthusiasm in your daily work too,, so start your healthy and fit life by rising with a sun in the morning . 

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