Objects must be able to function in a manner that will be consistent with the purpose that they were created for to reflect the image of the one who created them.

The image of the one who has created is captured within the items of the things He created and made so that his mind, will, and heart may be known. This tells us that the one who made all things made all things with an intent to reflect some things about himself.

If there was nothing that existed before the creator who made and created all things then there was no object in which the creator could create anything except Himself, and by Himself and through Himself as there's nothing else that existed besides the creator.

The things and objects of creation are made with elements that are derived out of the substances of the creator as the only source and object which was existed before all things.

This means the creator in creations wanted to reflect who and what He is in everything. Therefore all things are made to reveal and display Him, When He created all things with meticulous attention, precision, and excellence as to how they will functions that was to reflect what was known and hidden within Himself which will be unveiled by the creation.

The nature, substance, essence, attributes, and characteristic of the creator may only be known and understood through that which the creator has made.

We can conclude that all things in creation have an intent and purpose for their creation which is to reflect and reveal the mind of the creator. The difference of creatures within the scope of creation does not in any way mean the creator is now in contradiction with Himself but must be a reflection of to us how, multifaceted and dynamic, and wide the scope of the creator is.

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