Is eSports FPS dying?

The short answer is no. The video games are the core of eSports. If they end up being bad then they won't have any players which won't spark any interest among the community. That is what everyone is complaining about these days: How bad are the games, mainly the First Person Shooters (FPS).

I have noticed that people talk about how competitive games are bad in our days. Because they are always so slow-paced and PvP now just gets based on who can camp the best. That may be the reason why eSports is dying: The games become really bad for Pro Players, so they just leave. That is wrong. In games like Rainbow Six Siege, for example, the point is to camp hence why they make multiple ways to find the campers and how to punish them if they are doing it wrong. Not to mention that the players have gentlemen rules which are honor codes to not do certain things. The tournaments and leagues make sure that the people can't do those things and if they try, they get punished by suspension, disqualification or being banned from the tournaments entirely. And even if the rules are broken, the players are hurting themselves. No one will sponsor a cheating player, which means that they won't be able to earn money. I'd also like to state that if you can't kill the camping player, then you are not good at the game. In competitive Apex Legends, camping is considered a very toxic tactic, but a lot of Pro Players are doing it and there are methods of killing these kinds of players. Going into a duel in an open field isn't the best strategy, especially when you know that you are fighting against experienced players. It does involve slow-paced gameplay, but it is a matter of perspective. You have to observe your enemy, determine where his teammates are and you also have to be prepared for anything, which gives you a good reason to hold down the fort. Some legends like Wattson and Caustic can place traps which raises the chances of both surviving and winning, but there are also legends that can deal with these situations. Bloodhound's and Crypto's abilities can highlight enemies inside a building and Crypto's drone can release an EMP which will weaken the campers and also destroy their traps. Bloodhound's ultimate ability will let you play more aggressive and if you are using a shotgun, the campers will be easily dealt with in closed spaces. In competitive, it's exceptionally useful to have champions with such abilities. Do not try to say that camping is hiding, because it’s not. There is a difference between a player that is not trying to be productive and runs away and a player that tries to play strategically.

Camping is not a bad tactic and it can be dealt with if you know how to play. But I am also not promoting it, because games like Apex Legends are and should remain fast-paced, but that doesn't mean that you can't also take on a different approach.

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