"LGBTQ propaganda" Banned in Russia

"LGBTQ propaganda" Banned in Russia

The LGBT promotion ban that has been making its way through Russia's State Duma has advanced another step closer to becoming law. On Wednesday, the necessary law passed through a second reading in the lower chamber of the parliament, which resulted in its approval. It imposes hefty fines for the dissemination of materials that promote gender transition, non-traditional sexual relationships, or paedophilia.

It is commonly believed that the measure titled "on the preservation of traditional values" is a follow-up to a legislation that was passed in 2013 that restricted the dissemination of LGBTQ materials to those under the age of 18. According to a statement that was sent by the Duma, the bill, if it were to be approved, would prohibit this kind of "propaganda" among "both adolescents and adults." The phrase "the media, the internet, literary and film" would be included in its scope.


In addition to this, it would put further regulations on the advertising business, which already ban the display of non-traditional sexual relations or preferences.

In the event that the new restrictions are violated, individuals might be subject to a punishment of up to 400,000 rubles ($6,600), and corporate organisations could be subject to a fine of up to four million rubles ($66,000). In addition, criminals who are not Russian citizens would be kicked out of Russia.

On Wednesday, legislators voted against approving changes that would have imposed criminal responsibility for further violations.

A further proposition urged the prohibition of video games that represent violent actions or LGBTQ relationships; however, this idea did not get support from members of the Duma. Alexander Khinshtein, head of the Duma's Committee on Information Policy, believes that video games need to be held to a different set of standards when it comes to regulation.

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