LOCKDOWN PALAVA: Widow Seeks For Advice As An Abominable Act Unfolds Before Her Eyes

A widow took to twitter to narrate her ordeal after her 17-year-old son got two of his biological sisters pregnant.

Ever since the incident, the woman has been lost in grief as she could not believe that such a calamity would befall her household, after doing everything possible to see that her children grow up in the way of the Lord.

The story which was made public by a twitter user identified with the username @loveth0406 after the woman gave her her consent to post it on social media, the widow having sent Loveth a DM (Direct Message) and asked Loveth should seek for advice from social media users as she is short of ideas.

Below is the post shared by Loveth on twitter

I am a 52 year old woman, widowed and mother of three children, a boy who is 17yrs of age and two daughters,15yrs and 13yrs respectively.

I am an international civil servant and a Christian by faith.

I am not writing this in a bid to you to look for a fiance or suitor but to show how deeply pained I am and also to seek for advice from you all.

In fact, I and my three children resides in the same apartment , I am usually at the office all day long and except weekends when I am at home.

And since the authorities stopped the classes, I have forbidden my children to go out, they are confined since the beginning, there is only the cleaning girl who comes to work and leave.

As for the children, I keep a close eye on them but today I am overwhelmed by what is happening.

I check that my daughters are well monthly, because the elder one often complain of stomach aches when she is in good health and mostly before her period, so I get along each time with this.

But , last month she didn’t show anything, and I noticed early signs of pregnancy, so I asked her to collect some of her urine for me yesterday morning, and then I did the GIT which turned out positive, and it was just so unusual.

It didn’t tell me much, in the evening I went back to her room to discuss calmly with her to find out who was responsible for her pregnancy.

To my amazement, it is with tears in her eyes that she told me that it is her elder brother, and that since the cessation of classes this is what they do at home when I’m not there, and even with the youngest.

That’s when I recalled that she too is not in period for a long time because her period began at the age of 11 years. So I undertook to do hers too, unfortunately it is the case.

Always calmly, I called my son to hear from him what really happened.

He admitted the facts that he had s3x with his sisters, since then he has been out of the house since last night and I haven’t heard from him I really need your advice, I am devastated, It seem all my dreams are now shattered after so many years of commitment.

I have been a widow since 2009 and I am in charge of everything.

I sincerely don’t know what to do as I am short of ideas, I want to see my children grow up together and become responsible people but with what is happening to me, I have no strength left in me, I am totally shattered and lost in grief.

I have had a thought of aborting the pregnancy but it's against my faith as a Christian.

Please, I sincerely need your advice...

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