Male infertility accounts for 40%-50% of infertility and it's too high to ignore.

Male infertility accounts for 40%-50% of infertility in humans according to medical and it's too high to ignore.

The only solution is for the both couples to seek for medical help and treatment follows.

Hear this:

My cousin who has been married for over 5 years just had a set of twins. He called me briefly last night to give me the good news. My heart is filled with joy because he craved to be a daddy. This is what he lived to achieve. I'm so happy for them.

He and his wife had been trying since they got married. God has answered their prayers.

I'm so glad and happy for him.

Today, I use my cousin as a point of contact to reach all men who are facing infertility issues and hoping on God for the fruits of the groin. May God answer their prayers. Before the end of June, these men would be able to impregnate their wives.

If you are a man reading this and hoping for a child, raise your hands up to heaven and say this prayer:

"Dear God, just like you have blessed my cousin, please bless me to be able to get my wife pregnant. Amen."

Pastors in Nigerian Churches need to pray for men who are looking for children. You have been doing this prayer for women since time immemorial and you neglect the men. You need to start doing it for men too.

Male infertility accounts for 40%-50% of infertility in humans. Too high to ignore.

Dear Nigerian Pastors,

It takes TWO fertile people to make children, not just one fertile woman.

And if you say you would intercede for both through one, I reckon that as Christians who believe that the husband is the head, it's wise you intercede through the men.

When you see a couple praying for children, either you call out both husband and wife for prayers or you call out only the head (husband) for prayers.

May the good Lord that did it for my cousin do it for other men who are looking upto God.

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