Meaning in the midst of Hope in Times of COVID-19

For two months being alone in this room while the world is in different crises: Economic, Political, Social etc... made worst due to this pandemic killing thousands and inflicting millions of lives all over the world,  I was with Foriedrich Nietzsche's writtings which made me affirm that life really is terrible. 

People connot really avoid prejudices wherein they are involved. Different opinions raised about the cases happening in the society. People are divided to whose information that they have to trust. Fake news mingled with those cridible sources of information. Most, especially the poor are to choose: to die of hunger or of COVID 19. It's undeniable that everyday thousands of people suffer not only of the virus, hunger, but also of persecutions from their fellows. Most are thirsting not only of food but also of justice from people of authority. There are different forms of deterioration that we witnessed from those who lost their business and even jobs. These are not only sad realities but also truth that life is really terrible.

However, we cannot also deny the fact that middle class: upper and lower are also in the time of merry such those who own companies and other rich men whose supplies of sustenance are unlimited. It is a fact that life really is unfair. In the midst of millions who are in desperation, suffering and struggles; there are those who are throwing their excess in the garbages which can satisfy dogs and other scavengers. 

Aside from these realities, there are those  with the good heart who at least in the midst of struggle continue to inspire everyone that there is hope by sharingi their blessings, goods, and excess to unburden the difficulty experienced by most. 

Life is terrible and even unfair if I'm one of those who are in difficulty. Nothing to say if I'm in a wealthy sorrounding because of the pleasure making me forget poverty and suffering unless not contented However, there is hope still when I am shared with a little amount just to survive. Prejudices cannot be avoided. These are our biases where disposition we are set.

Prejudices lead us to discover and create meaning in our surroundings. Meaning is a model of reality emerging in our experiential existence. In the midst of being alone, I am here writing just to cover and veil the loneliness that I have as I can be happy how terrible life is. The Christians would say: just pray even your stomach is empty. When one is persecuted, don't worry because Jesus had experienced it before you. Just stay in your home because God is doing his best to save humanity through the frontliners. Some even say that it was the result of human deed as God permits it to be. We create meaning just to remove the burden of existence. 

Nietzsche said, "reality, where our being is in, is only an illusion." We cannot deny the fact that we need vaccine. However, when will it be given? In the news, the vaccine was proven and tested. The truth is that everyday even the vaccine is sure to be the cure, a lot of people die. Meaning threads for us at least to feel that there is hope.

This hope is our chance that we can survive only in our perspective. The meaning we have that we hope is our optimistic presumption that we can still make it. For Nietzsche, it is too human that is natural that we perceive hope from the meaning we actually create. Why be negative, since the truth is that life is really short? We may avoid the virus but there will be a time that we don't know. Why fill the world of envious negative criticisms since we do not know our existence tomorrow? Hope is the reason why we continue to believe and love life which is our chance. 

In every second, only one chance that is given so we have to choose where we can have meaningful and even happy life. Tragedy is present but how do we create our life from the piece of meaning as we hope more at least to preserve the beauty of existence. In every chance, we make choices. In our choices, we have chance. Freedom comes in our will to power which is definite in the world where we are thrown.

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