My spina bifida journey.

My wife's name is okoko from Kenya, a village known as Amaiga. We got married when we were at the age of 18 years and 20 respectively. She really is a wonderful woman. She is black and she really is a strong woman. Four months ago she went to emergency surgery to remove the kid due to the fact that the baby she was carrying had hydrocephalus. She was only eight months pregnant. For those who know, kids who are eight months old don't survive when they are brought to this real world of sins and hush hustle. But my kid survived. We had a gynecologist who decided to lie to us so that he can fetch money from us from the fifth month of her pregnancy to the eight month when he advised the be y should be removed. Hell I hate him but came to make peace with it. God had reasons why it happened. After the baby was born she was left to die because I think the doctors show there is no way to safe her. She had a big hole in the back and it was pouring some black fluids. I tell you it was a bad day for me. I cried like a baby. Her head was very normal yet the gynecologist said the reason to remove the sweet baby was the size of the head. Apparently, the gynecologist was the CEO of the hospital where my kid was delivered. He gave an order that I should not be given any referral to any other hospital. Gosh! I wish you hear the excuses they gave. Trust me God's timing is always the best, we straggled with them but no chance then God brought this wonderful woman called Lea, she had a baby who had spina bifida, actually three. Two died and one is survived to date. TO BE CONTINUED....

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