NEPA still use generator to repair electricity yet Senate propose bill to ban generator in Nigeria

We have many things to worry about in Nigeria. First should be universal human basic needs. Almost all the basic amenities are lacking in Nigeria. I don't mean to disrespect anybody but it is the truth

If you are a Nigerian or have lived in Nigeria for a month, you could testify to the fact that we have no basic amenities.

The most painful part is electricity. We hardly see electric current and when we finally see one, it will be taken after 30-1hour.

Due to the above mentioned reasons, we have decided to focus our attention on generator as the only hope of power supply. But it painful to announce to you that a senator from Niger state just like his Niger Senate brothers has proposed a bill to ban generator importation and selling across the federation.

He even proposed 10 years jail sentence to anybody that will import or sell generator in Nigeria. This left me to wonder. I am so aware that power holders/ NEPA/EEDC/AEDC etc. Use generator to repair transformer as well as use generator in their offices.

So, if there is no power supply and the NEPA we could run to are using generator to power their accessories? It mean we are still far away from being dependent on electricity in Nigeria. In my humble opinion,the said bill should not see the light of the day.

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