Nigeria Government is Exploiting the Unvaccinated Passengers, Charges them $120 to fly to Nigeria

Nigeria Government is Exploiting the Unvaccinated Passengers, Charges  them $120   to fly to Nigeria

Nearly all civilised countries have loosened their Covid-related travel restrictions for the unvaccinated , removing requirements such as PCR or antigen tests before arrival, masks on public transport and while out and about, and quarantines. However, one country in Africa is now exploiting unvaccinated travellers. Nigeria charges a whopping $120 for the unvaccinated passengers to travel through their international airports. The covid-19  has now become a cash-making exploit for the government, and has ignored all the latest scientific research suggesting  that the mRNA vaccine is not fit for purpose. In a recent EU hearing, the Pfizer director explicitly stated that their covid vaccine was never tested on preventing transmission(SEE VIDEO BELOW), meaning placing travel restrictions on the unvaccinated is untenable , and quiet frankly, makes no sense!  

All available research now suggests that the vaccine does not prevent the transmission of covid and it has serious  and devastating side effects. Research and developments inform policies. However, the Nigerian government has shown a blind eye to the latest findings about the mRNA vaccines and continues to exploit international passengers. 

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