Other Hidden Truth About African Slavery that Africans Must Know

Other Hidden Truth About African Slavery that Africans Must Know.


Africa, do not Forget what Europeans did to Your People they say. Pointing out with visual illustrations, the brutality and chain slavery our people were put into.


Men were deprived of their human rights, separated from their wives, and exiled out of their homeland into perpetual slavery.


Women were forcefully separated from their children and were sexually and otherwise abused more than even animals can ever be abused.


Children were left homeless, father and motherless, wondering about like sheep without a Shepherd and buried in chronic hunger and sickness.


When we as Africans read these historical stories, backed up with pictures and videos, we get entombed in a high rate of anger, hatred for the Europeans, and the spirit of revenge grows. But the fact is that the Europeans are no longer the problems of Africa. And the entire truth about African inhuman slavery has not been revealed in its totality.


The problems of Africa are not or no longer European slavery, but the problems of Africa are caused by African leaders. Both political and parastatal leadership. It was our leaders that sold us in the first place, bought us afterward (independent), and are now enslaving us in our own fatherland.


To be free, we must channel our aggression to the right sources, which are our African leaders, instead of channeling it on past and should be forgotten history.


When the European slave (colonial) masters came into Africa and made their intentions known, our African leaders bought the idea for what they will gain (which includes hot drinks, among others). It was just about a percent out of a hundred percent that stood against it. When our African leaders came to know the value of the diamond and other precious stones that brought the white men to Africa, they became the people who sponsored the enslavement of their people to gain wealth, enjoy and wield more power. The colonization of African countries brought slavery to Africans, but it was only on the weak, poor, and unlearned people, who were the majority in Africa. But the leaders who were the wealthy, powerful, and learned, who were the minority, were as free as the air. In fact, they were used by the colonial masters to lord it on, and enslave their own people. Had they all refused and stood behind their people, slavery wouldn't have been possible in African countries. When they felt that they had learned it all, they told the white men to go and convinced Africans that they could take care of them. They painted the white men bad and exonerated themselves from the wickedness of slavery. By doing so, they bought us back from the white men they sold us to, and called it “Independent”.


The poor and the weak are exploited in every angle in Africa. Almost all the business owners in Africa exploit us. It is in Africa that GSM network providers exploit people and get away with it. One buys airtime for a call, within a few minutes the airtime is exhausted without a clear call connection with the person you are talking with. You buy data to connect online for important information, interview, or registration, only to struggle for minutes looking and waiting for the internet connection, only to receive annoying SMS that your data has been exhausted, you have to buy another data. Cable TV providers are not free from this. We subscribe monthly with a huge amount of money, yet not all the needed packages are given to us. Worst still, should there be a problem in the electrical power supply or necessary travel, the subscription expires without making use of it. What was supposed to be with subscribers until they use it for the whole month they paid for, as done in non-African countries, are denied them whether or not they made use of it. Also, a subscription that is very affordable in other countries of the world is made very costly or uselessly cheap (average amount for un-benefiting channels) in Africa. Yet the rich and the powerful in Africa don't show concern or question these exploiters because it is made convenient for them, and they benefit from the exploitation of the poor and the weak.


After we were deceitfully granted “Freedom” from the whites and their external slavery by our leaders, we were internally and brutally enslaved again by the same our leaders who bought us from the white. Today, slavery is still going on in Africa. The rich and the powerful (African leaders) enslave the poor and the weak. The reason men hustle in Africa today to gain power and wealth is to be free from slavery, because, there is no place, and there is no freedom for the poor and the weak in Africa. Every leader in every parastatal in Africa uses his position to enslave the poor and the weak citizens of Africa. Even foreigners still come into Africa, settle the rich and the powerful and still enslave the poor and weak citizens of Africa in their own fatherland and get away with it. A situation where a leader in electrical power supply will increase and collect from the citizens one monthly bill to provide service for them, only to render unstable one or two weeks service without refund or anyone questioning him. By doing so, he enriches himself at the expense of others. To cover his tracks, he will make sure that the rich and powerful will have no stress with electricity. And because the rich and powerful are not affected and their share comes to them, they remain unconcerned about others. When there are too many eyes on them, they make provision, but this provision will be made unaffordable for the poor and weak so that the rich and powerful continue to enjoy the freedom of life.


The same is applicable to the police and other law enforcement agencies. The rich and the powerful are their friends, but they can comfortably abuse the poor and the weak and easily get away with it. What will the poor and the weak man do, he has no one to run to, no one will even listen to him. And so it is with the leadership of every parastatal in Africa, having political leadership as the chief among them all.


The Europeans were strangers to us, so they are somehow justified to treat us the way they did. But the pain, poverty, suffering, humiliation, marginalization, and slavery we are going through today, is imputed on us by our very own. Which of these two should be more painful, worth remembering, fight for, and be free from? It is crystal clear that hurt received from one very own is more painful than when it comes from outside. The white men enslaved and exploited Africa to enrich and better themselves and their land. But the question is, the African leaders who are enslaving and exploiting us- their follow Africans, what is their intention and aim? Who are they enriching and bettering? of course, the microscopic few which they are. Worst still, many among them still go to the same white man’s land to invest and enrich them more at the expense of Africans and their land.


If I should be angry and channel my aggression, it will no longer be on the white who by the permission of my past leaders and/or fathers dealt with my fore-parents and parents, but it will be on my present African leaders who are currently enslaving and exploiting me and my children, which may or is gradually lingering into the next generation if the world continues.


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Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu

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