PTLLS Level 3 Answers and Micro-Teach Presentations

PTLLS Level 3 Answers and  Sample Micro-teach Presentations

Microteaching, also known as micro-teaching, is a term for a videotaped practises teaching session. New, current, and future teachers use this teaching approach to get input and feedbacks  from administrators to test their teaching strategies.

Microteaching Concepts

To begin with, this style of training takes place in smaller classes with less time. For example, in a five- to ten-minute class, five to ten students will be present. Mastering and exercising such teaching skills, such as interviewing, lecturing, delivering a lecture, or leading a debate or conversation, are examples of these teaching activities.

You may be looking for introduction suggestions for a PTLLS course (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector). When reviewing the PTLLS micro teach ideas, you can find that agreeing on a subject is the most challenging task. A strong suggestion is to choose a simple topic or subject that would not make you nervous, and everyone can engage.

Choose students who are similar in age to those you would meet in full-time, real-life situations. Criticizing supervisors and instructors would analyze the implementation processes and get more detailed feedback using this approach.

Using peer teachers instead of students is another successful micro-teaching strategy. Peer teachers should be allowed to ask questions and respond to the lessons and questions in the same manner as they would if they were in that age group. This approach will provide you with positive critique and feedback. Peer teachers may also provide advice on how to develop response strategies or provide examples of appropriate behaviour.

You will have different classroom preparation times whether you use students or instructors in your training sessions. You might begin by lecturing and explaining a single idea in a 5-minute micro-teach session and then teach an entire lesson in a 10- or 15-minute session.


Choose an introductory subject inside your discipline for 10-minute micro-teach ideas. Rather than using complex materials, you will help the listener acquire foundational skills, procedures, and understanding. Use a variety of strategies to ensure that students are successfully participating in the mini-lesson. Decide if you'll give an engaging presentation, a tutorial, a hands-on experience, a role-playing activity, or something else. Bear in mind that PowerPoint displays and other uses of computer technology would be tolerated when necessary.

Hopefully, these micro-teaching concepts will assist you in fine-tuning the lessons for maximum practise teaching. Make use of the video recordings for your own personal viewing and assessment.

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